Friday, May 30, 2008

May Wrap Up, June Goals

I have today off of work, so I get to write a quality post sitting at home, drinking my coffee with no interruptions! How neat is that?

Well I think overall, May was a great month. Lets look at the goals I set out for May:

1. Lose 3.2lbs and reach Goal.

Well I accomplished this one, I am still somewhat skeptical, as I feel as though I've gained weight this week, even though eating and workouts have been fine. But I'm also thinking TOM is around the corner. So we will see. But regardless, my last weigh in of the month was at goal.

2. Activity Goals: Try to make it to the gym 12 times, plus 2 bike rides, 2 hikes and 2 rollerblade outings. Plus walk the dog everyday in which the weather is permitting, and I'm not doing another activity.

I think I did well with activity. Below are my activity totals, which of course doesn't include my plans for today or tomorrow (60 minute bike ride, and two walks with the dog...perhaps a hike).

I made it to the gym 12 times, in which I ran for 370 minutes total.
I walked 18 times, for a total of 580 minutes
I biked 7 times, for a total of 200 minutes
I hiked once for 90 minutes
I rollerbladed once for 20 minutes

So I think I did good. Lots of activity.

3. Try to control my bites, nibbles and licks.

I think I've done well with this. I think there was a day or two where they got the best of me, but hey it happens.

OVERALL VERDICT: It was a good month. I had one bad day where I went off plan, which seems to happen once a month. But I met my activity goals, my weight loss goals, and my other goals, so I think it was a successful month.

So....June Goals

1. Activity Goals:

I am going to cut back on my gym based workouts. Gas Prices are high, and the weather is nice, so there is no reason to drive to the gym. I would like to get to the gym twice a week, which will be 9 times this month. I would also like to set an activity point goal of 25 points per week. These can be earned in any combination I would like, biking, gym workouts, hikes, rollerblades, etc. And I am still going for walking Duke everyday the weather is permitting and I'm not doing anything else.

2. Aim for no bad days this month.

It's been once a month it's happening. I'm going for none this month.

3. Weight loss goals.

Well this one is sticky, Not sure what to put. So, I am just going to put I would like to end June somewhere between my Weight Watchers goal of 145 and my personal goal of 142. Don't know how much to expect to lose. If I'm under 145 I will be happy!

So there we have it, the goals for the month. I will be reporting the weigh in on Sunday, as I always do! I will also be switching to Friday morning weigh in's soon, as with the "going up north" season approaching, I am not home every Sunday to weigh! But that's a couple weeks out I think.

Anyways, hope everyone has WONDERFUL and OP weekends, and talk to you all soon!


Kathy said...

You are definitely a FORCE!!! Congratulations on a great May.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Well done! Here's to an even better June!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Nice to have a day off.

Looks like the monthly goal setting is great motivation for you.

noelle said...

Look at you go girl!!!

I'm doing well to form sentences some days let alone goals for a whole month! :o)