Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Never stop. One stops as soon as something is about to happen."
~Peter Brock

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It's one of those days around here, where it's hard to have a bad day. It's gorgeous outside, it's sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and it's about 60 right now, and I've been busy at work, but not too busy!

I've been doing good and staying OP. Yesterday I was a little munchie when I got home from work, and while I was putting dinner together, but I managed to just munch on veggies, so that's a NSV! Another NSV of sorts was after dinner I was pretty full, and I had made a sweet potato (and had already figured the points for it), but decided not to eat it, because one, I wasn't hungry, and two, I had eaten alot of zero point veggies, so I used those points for the veggies I ate. I'm learning to stop when I'm full! Great feeling.

Yesterday was nice outside, so I got a little walk in with the dog. I think we walked for about 50 minutes, it was really nice.

Tonight is normal gym night, but I have a haircut, so I will be skipping the gym tonight. But I've decided I will ride my bike there and back, which is about 12 miles round trip. So that will be a nice little workout and get me some activity points. I'm looking forward to it, plus I get to conserve gas!

There has been talk on a couple blogs recently about how people find it harder to stay OP when their schedule, or "routine" is off. Does anyone else find this is true? I know I totally do. I'm a very routine person. I have a set way I go about things, set times I eat, and quite truthfully, for the most part, I have a certain number of foods that are "routine" for me as well. I find when I am out of my routine, it's much much harder to be OP. Just wonder if such was the case with anyone else. I don't remember being this borderline OCD about routine and schedules pre-WW's though!

Anyways, nothing much exciting or new around here. Just wanted to update, say hello, and say I hope everyone is having wonderful OP days!


Erica Young said...

I noticed I am off "routine" when it's the weekend. During the week I am working all day so it's easier to stay out of the cupboards compared to when I'm at home on the weekends. Good thinking about riding your bike to get your haircut, you save on gas and get some AP.

Christina said...

I find it sooo hard to stay on plan once my routine changes even a little...I am a girl of habit :)

Kathy said...

Being aware of feeling full and then having the good sense to stop eating is essential for us, isn't it? It's so easy to keep on eating just for the enjoyment of the process long after you are satisfied and no longer hungry. Good for you setting that sweet potato aside...you are so awesomely disciplined!

Routine is so comforting. I have a few days coming up when H will be gone on a fishing trip and I have to deal with that change in a good way...use it as an excuse to eat extra healthy...instead of eating badly out of boredom or loneliness!

CaRoLyN said...

I like my routine. Whenever I'm home all day on a Sunday or a Holiday, I always find it so much harder to count points and stay on track.
At work, I basically have an alarm that goes off in my tummy at 10:00 and 2:30 telling me it's snack time. At home, that alarm is always going off. :)
Kudos to you for stopping eating when you were full. It's so hard sometimes. Especially when you already have the food cooked!

Anonymous said...

i'm totally obsessive about my routine too. i don't know what i'm going to do when school starts next month, i'm going to have to revamp everything!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I've always had a routine, but it's changed for the better the last year and if I don't follow it, I can feel it.

Caroline said...

I feel OCD about having my routine as well. Perfect example - during law school I have always carried around a 35 oz. bottle that I keep refilling with water. It works great because I know I just have to drink it twice and I've got my water for the day. Well since school ended I lost my bottle so I just had a 20 oz. Aquafina bottle to take to Bar Review last week and yesterday. Apparently that is not my routine, and I got so pissed about having to fill it up so much that I just didn't really drink any water. Gee, that's the right move! So this morning I just accepted I was a freak and stopped at the gas station and bought a 35 oz. bottle again. *Sigh* At least I'm accepting that I am deranged!

anna said...

oh, i soooo get out of WACK with my eating when i am off my schedule! it's the devil to me! what do you do for it? i usually limp through it and recover when i'm back into my normal routine.

anna said...

oh, i soooo get out of WACK with my eating when i am off my schedule! it's the devil to me! what do you do for it? i usually limp through it and recover when i'm back into my normal routine.