Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weigh In

Well, I was up 1 pound today, but I'm pretty sure that its my standard TOM gain, so I'm not too worried about, cause it will be gone plus some next week. Plus with my little incident last sunday, I can't say I wasn't expecting to gain a bit (kinda forgot it was going to be TOM gain week, opps). Anyways, I have lots to do, but I hope everyones sundays are great! Let's make it a great start to a new week!


noelle said...

Don't you usually gain more than 1 pound with TOM? Seems like you used to gain more like this week really is a good WI!

Melanie said...

Last week I gained 2 with TOM. So one pound is nothing. My guess is you will see a very nice loss next least 2+ pounds!

BTW I love the quotes you have been posting!

Kim said...

You can't beat yourself up for the 'ole time of the month bloat. Just do your best to ride it out. Hopefully you will see a better reflection of your work next week!!!! :)