Friday, January 11, 2008


I believe with all my heart that civilization has produced nothing
finer than a man or woman who thinks and practices true tolerance.
-- Frank Knox

Really, this quote has nothing to do with weight loss, but seems to sum up my life lately, ha ha. It seems between customers, coworkers, certain family members and a roommate, I'm practicing lots and lots of tolerance! Sometimes I wonder how much more I can put up with before I go bonkers on someone, but I believe that tolerance and acceptance are two keys to any relationship, good or bad. I'm just happy that I'm not one of those people who blow easily, ha ha.

I didn't make it to the gym last night, but I told you guys I wasn't going to, I'm going to make it tonight, even though I'm still kinda fighting this cold, hopefully a good run and sweat will help it move on. It will either do that, or make it worse, but I'll hope for the better.

I've done pretty well on plan this week. I've used a flexie here or there, but I'm not too concerned about it. It's been like 3, so no big deal. I will have made it to the gym 3 times, which is my goal. And I've done well getting in my 8 GHG's most days this week, and while my carbs have been kinda on the high side, I have been watching them, and they are coming from good stuff. So I think it was overall a pretty good week. Like I said before, I'm not expecting much from weigh in this week being the big loss of last week. If I maintain, I would be ESTATIC. So that is what I'm going for!

I'm really hoping to be at my WW goal of 145 by my brothers wedding, I would love to look awesome in the wedding pictures (since I'm in the wedding), but if I don't get there, it won't be the end of the world. Last weeks big loss definitely made it a possibility. I have 55 days to lose 7.2 pounds. I'm sure going to try!

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday, you guys are so sweet! Don't know what I would do without ya!

No big plans this weekend. I need to get to the gym tonight and grocery shopping at some point. I have a lot of wedding show invitations to fill out and get mailed for my brothers fiances wedding shower. Seems as though my mom volunteered to do the shower and I am getting stuck doing everything, like how that works? I don't mind much, gives me something to do instead of eat ;)

Do you guys have some suggestions for low carb snacks? I have been eating hardboiled egg whites, string cheese, cottage cheese, sugar free jello, veggies, lunchmeat, ect. But does anyone have any other ideas? I never realized it but the Yogurt with Fiber one and Kashi that I was eating everyday was packed with carbs....holy carbs batman!

On the note of cottage cheese. For you weight watchers, I found Breakstone's Live Active 2% Cottage Cheese, it comes in 4oz (1/2 cup) containers, and it's only one point because it has some fiber in it. It tastes the same as normal cottage cheese to me, it's conveniently packaged in individual servings and it's only one point. Plus a good way to get in some dairy, so if you haven't already, check it out!

Other than that, not too much new and exciting around here. So I will stop babbling, but everyone have a wonderful weekend and I will post a weigh in on Sunday.


Steph said...

Glad that you took some time off last night. Some days you just need it - like me, today......I'm not even going to call GYM today - we need a break from each other cause he is kind of getting on my nerves!!

You have had an awesome week.......and overall you have got it going on! You are so in the zone and it shows - that is the true test of this whole journey!

Hmmmm, low carb snacks - I like LC Cheese on raw mushrooms or chicken breast strips. I also like the low carb snickers marathon bars........they have some carbs but not too bad AND they have a good amount of fiber/protein. You could also try nuts but you have to be careful because of the calories. For me, cottage cheese is my go to snack - sometimes I mix a little SF jelly in it - yumm - BTW, thanks for the tip on the portable CC - I'm going to grab some from the store tonight!

HUGS to ya and have a fun weekend!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I totally love your attitude... And it sounds like you are having an amazing week... I wouldn't be surprised if you even managed to drop a couple more pounds!!

No Where to Run ... said...

low carb snacks that i enjoy--
try this dip
1 Cup lowfat cottage cheese
1 Cup fat free sour cream
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp dill weed
1 tsp dried chop onion
salt and pepper to taste

i like to dip radishes (kind of weird, i know), blanched (or just plain raw) broccoli, blanched green beans, carrots, whatever veggies you like...and i just keep the dip on hand all the time. yum!

otherwise i also like cheese/deli meat rollups (pretty obvious)

or the fatfree(or lowfat) cream cheese rollups--deli ham with a pickle sliver and slab of cream cheese rolled in the middle.

that's all i got.

thanks for your blog---i love your style!

EVA said...

Well...I really love home made hummus. In a food processor combine 1 can chickpeas drained, 2 garlic cloves, juice of 1/2 lemon, and a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. Then I dip baby carrots and cut up cucumbers in it. You can add a tablespoon of tahini if you want, but I prefer it without. Plus it adds a bit of fat.