Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of
courage and true progress.

-- Nicholas Murray Butler

I feel this quote was necessary, mainly for me! I've been a little pessimistic lately when it comes to anything. I've been working on a new business idea, and I always get a little bit of an "I can't do this attitude", I've been dealing with some issues at home and get the same attitude. I've been getting frustrated at work, you get the picture. About the only thing I haven't been terribly pessimistic about is weight loss, which I guess is good right? Even that, I'm not looking at the good things I'm doing...only the bad. So needless to say, I needed the quote! My goal this week is to be optimistic, because with optimism anything can be achieved!

Whew, now that that little bitch fest is out of the way (sorry about that!), things have been going ok. On the food front I've been doing ok, there was a couple nibbles here and there that probably shouldn't have been, but it's nothing damaging, or binge like, just stealing a tip of the finger sized corner off some brownies I made lol.

I've made some very good recipes. The Carrot Muffins which I posted turned out wonderful and even my non-weight watching (and picky!) mom and dad loved them. I also made some triple vanilla brownies that were a hit at work, and the small nibble I had tasted good. And I made the chocolate chocolate chip muffins but this time I put Peanut Butter chips in them instead of the chocolate chips, and they turned out delightful. I also tried to make a recipe called Jam Muffins, but wasn't impressed and threw them out.

Last night I made another batch of homemade granola bars, and they taste good, but not quite what I'm looking for yet (too cakey), but once I get that recipe hammered out I will for sure post it, because you guys with kiddos will love it!

Tonight I am planning on getting to the gym, and then I am heading to dinner at Olive Garden with my one girlfriend, yum! Unfortunately my quiet house is disappearing tonight, boooooo.

Poor little chase got fixed last week, and he has an infection now at the surgical site, and I feel so bad for the poor little guy!

Alright I gotta get back to work, but wanted to get a post out this morning before I got too busy and forgot! I hope everyone is doing well and staying OP!


Kathy said...

Accomplishing small goals can lead to the confidence you need to tackle larger ones. Taking charge of your weight the way you have has got to make you feel better about tackling new enterprises. And you seem to be a cautious person who enjoys researching the possibilities out there...those all lead to success!

noelle said...

You always seem to be such an upbeat person that it's hard for me to imagine you not being optimistic. But life gets complicated when other people are involved sometimes.

Waiting on that granola bar recipe! No pressure! lol

Steph said...

I'm sending you peaceful thoughts for home.......go out to dinner and relax. Then go home and hibernate.......it's sad that you have to do that in your own home!

Okay as for the pessimistic attitude - misery loves company - don't let "others" rub off on you! You are way to upbeat, strong, positive and beautiful to get bogged down in others make believe misery!

BTW - I'm going to have to try those carrot muffins - they look incredible!