Thursday, January 3, 2008


Judgment comes from experience, and great judgment comes from bad
-- Robert Packwood

Ahhh, doesn't this quote sum up the live and learn mentality? We all live and learn at some point. I think there are a few of us, who this was their first holiday season on Weight Watchers (I know it was mine!), and I lived and I learned. I know things now that I can make sure to employ next year in order to minimize the weight gain of the holiday season. The whole weight loss journey is really a live and learn experience. When you fall off the wagon, and next time, when you make that judgment, your a little smarter aren't ya?

My dad has been good. Last night when I was packing my lunch and snacks for today at work, I decided to bring a little extra chicken salad and forgo the bread, and also pack a "protein heavy" day at work. I've been having trouble with getting too many carbs, They are good carbs from whole grain, fruits and veggies, but still too many. So I packed egg whites, cottage cheese, string cheese and some lunchmeat as snacks. So Right now I plugged into spark what I plan to eat tonight (minus the chili, because I'm not sure on NI yet), but I am still under the lower end of my carb range for the day! Yes! And of course my fat never breaks the low side, and my protein is good, so I am very happy. I feel better balancing what I am eating will allow me to get these last pounds off more quickly.

With that being said, I'm focusing on the 8 GHG's that weight watcher sets forward, and today (with dinner included) I will be getting them all in...including my oils! I've learned just to mix the two teaspoons of oil into something, goes better that way. So I'm pretty pumped for weigh in.

I'm going to hit the gym tonight. This will be my first night since the 1st, so the first time entering the crowded madhouse...yuck. I'm hoping it's not bad, and I don't end up killing anyone, which is always a good possibility lol.

In other news, it's friggin cold here. I awoke to the newsman telling me it was -7* outside....just a tad chilly. I thought for sure that was with wind chill, but alas, it was not. SO I froze my butt off on my little 4 mile drive to work. But go figure it's suppose to be 50* by Monday, ha ha. I love Michigan, if you don't like the weather...just wait a few days.

Is anyone else sick of the presidential mumbo-jumbo yet? I wish it was November already! ha ha

Alright, until next time, be healthy, stay on plan and get moving :)


Kathy said...

Oh, no...I'm a political junkie and have been anxiously awaiting the caucuses...I guess I'm weird!

I'm trying to meet the Healthy Guidelines too...I'll never be good at the water thing, but I try.

Tina said...

Ok, I just about DIED when I saw the featured puppy today. :)) I never had a thing for boxers until Polly. Now every boxer I see is the most adorablest (I know that's not proper.. hee hee).

I love using spark. I started because of swizzlepop's mention that that is where she records her food. It's so helpful to have a gage of what exactly I'm putting in and not only points but calories, fiber, fat & sodium. If I ever do weigh myself a few days in a row and I see it going up and down I can watch the patterns according to what I'm eating.

It's cold here too but not -7... YIKES. It's about 20ish degrees not including the wind chill factor. Last night was SO HARD walking the doggie. Even she was having a hard time breathing out there.

Way to go on the gym... I haven't made it back yet... I HATE crowds.. I'm with you.. I will be so excited for February when everyone has quit their resolutions! Except us of course!! :))

Your comment was so sweet! Thanks always for your comments but also for your posts. Hugs.

Amber said...

I love using spark its really helpful to not only track pts but know what those pts really come out of as well and its free so how can you complain?!

I hear you on the whole holiday thing and learning this was my first holidays on WW and it was a eye opener as well.

Yikes -7 and here I thought our 20 was cold I couldnt imagine it being that cold..brr!

CaRoLyN said...

Well this is my 2nd Christmas on WW and hoenstly, I don't think I learned much. I gained more this year than I did last year but oh well, I had a great time. I know I can get it off in January and feel comfortable again.

Glad you are back on track and going to the gym! We can get this last 15 lbs off!

-7????? It's -36 here today!! Count your lucky stars darlin!

PastaQueen said...

Oh no, you shouldn't have posted about killing gym members because now they can get you for premeditated homicide instead of just accidental manslaughter :)