Monday, January 14, 2008

My Confessions

None will improve your lot If you yourself do not.

-- Bertolt Brecht, 1933

Well, I'm going to start out the blog with a bit of a confession today. I was bad yesterday. I know when talking about food we should be considering ourselves "good" or "bad", but yesterday I had a crappy day food wise. Let's talk about what happened.

The day started off good, I wasn't feeling so hot, but I still got up and made it to the gym, got home, ate a sensible breakfast (my normal oatmeal) and then was still feeling hungry. I had just eaten, so I knew I wasn't actually hungry. I waited an hour or two, and I had some Yogurt with cereal, and was doing ok, then it just hit me. Ever since I was a kid I get these "episodes" where I get very weak feeling, shaky, I get like a hot cold sweat and I feel like I might pass out. I always figured when I was a teenager, that it was low blood sugar, but now that I'm older, I really don't know what causes it. But regardless, I used to get them quite frequently, and now that I've been eating right they are very few and far between. But needless to say one hit me yesterday. When it hit I got out an english muffin and some preserves and then that didn't do it, so I started on the Peanut Butter, and then into some ice cream. I don't know what got into me. Luckily, I stopped there, and didn't let the day "go down the toilet" and I accounted for what I ate, and ate light the rest of the day, so I managed to save the day, but still I used up a good chunk of flexies (but not all luckily!) that I don't typically use, so I don't know how the scale will react to that on Sunday. Luckily I have a week. Gosh Peanut Butter adds up quick!

But I do look at it as a NSV of sorts. 1. at least I stopped myself before it got too bad 2. At least it was remotely healthy food...Peanut butter, 1 english muffin, and no sugar added ice cream...could be worse right? 3. I didn't throw the towel in for the day, I got right back on track then.

But Saturday was a good OP day, and today has been great so far. I'm finally learning how to keep my carbs pretty good to the high end of my range. Yay! So I'm totally OP for the next 6 days, and hopefully the scale won't punish me too bad for my indiscretion.

I've been fighting this silly cold, and to tell you the truth I just wish it would leave, so I could get back to feeling like myself. It's one of those colds that hasn't quite broken yet, so I'm half stuffed up, half a headache, plus my stomach has kinda been messed up. I hear there is a flu bug going around, which I'm really hoping I didn't get!

Anyways, I really gotta get back to work, but I wanted to come on and confess the events of yesterday. But I hope everyone is have a healthy, happy and OP day!


Kathy said...

I had one of those Saturday morning and had to grab a banana and gobble it down. I was diagnosed with "reactive hypoglycemia" many years ago and, like you, if I eat well I don't do too badly, but there are times when it hits me in spite of that. It is a horrible feeling and your normal reaction is to grab anything handy and eat until it passes. It sounds to me like you did really well.
If you drink caffeinated beverages, you might want to limit them...they seem to affect me adversely.

Tina said...

I have to say YOU go girl! Getting a little bit off track which imo you didn't and then getting back on and not falling off the whole day. I mean, peanut butter? Sugar free ice cream? C'mon girl! Off track would be a king sized Kit Kat. :))) You're my hero!

I hope you feel better soon! HATE being sick. Rest and plenty of fluids... but you probably know that. :))

HappyBlogChick said...

I think stopping yourself and getting right back on track IS a victory. You didn't go with the "well, that shot my whole week, might as well eat everything in sight for the rest of the week" approach.

Your approach took strength, and it will get you to goal.


Melanie said...

I hope you are feeling better. And I have to agree with are my hero. I would have kept eating!! :-P

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You're totally right- that IS a NSV... We all battle our old demons now again... I've been doing this for nearly a year and I still have my crazy binge days... The difference is that now we catch ourselves and get right! I'm sure if you stay on plan one day like that won't be a big deal at all!

noelle said...

You did make good choices...things that your body was probably needing to stabilize itself. It's not like you ate a super huge order of fries or something!

I have a feeling that a solid OP week will balance out your Sunday.