Monday, January 7, 2008


It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected
of him.

-- John Steinbeck (1902-1968) American Novelist

I don't know that this quote really needs much of an explanation, but figured I would give a little one anyways. I know that we all write these blogs because we love the support, encouragement and sense of community that it gives us all, but I want you guys to know, that I read everyday because I think your all great. I think your great, and I know that you will all meet your goals! So there, I expect greatness of all of you!

I've thought alot about what might have caused my weight loss this week, and I am thinking it was a combination of water weight the couple weeks before, and my eating better. I have been watching my macro's more closely with sparkpeople, and I've been keeping my carbs in check, and trying to get more fat and protein. PLUS, this is a very big plus, I've been making sure to get in all my 8 GHG's that weight watchers sets out, including my oil. So I've been a good girl, and I think the scale stopped being a bastard because of that. I'm just hoping this week I can maintain that loss (usually my body compensates with a gain the next week after a big loss).

On the WW front things have been going good. I've been staying within my points, and I've been getting in my activity points too. As I mentioned before, I've been trying really hard to get back to the basics, get the 8 GHG's in, and once I get those, I can have my "snacks", things have been going good, and it is WAY different than how I was eating before, and I can see why I wasn't losing weight as good as before. I was eating worse, it's so easy to slack, and not really even realize it.

Thanks for the all the compliments on the loss! I love you guys.

My head is still very sore, but I don't have a headache. So that's great.

Here in Michigan today it's suppose to be was -7 last week....Go figure. That's why I love Michigan (I'm not being sarcastic!).

Anyways, we've been really busy at work as of the late, but I'm trying to keep up on my posting, and my commenting.

Have a healthy and happy day everyone...Stay OP!


Kathy said...

Aside from weight loss, I also want to learn to eat healthier and getting away from the manufactured snack-type foods is a real plus!

I had the door open here in Indy to let some fresh air in...can you believe it???

Tina said...

Love the post, Kate the Great!!!

Hope you're having a great day!

noelle said...

I had the windows open on Saturday and today it's snowing. Gotta love CO!

I bashed my head today too. What's up with that?

I think you are pretty great too BTW. You are really learning to take care of yourself and that is awesome. I have really been trying to focus on the 8 GHG too. I do eat totally differently that way.

HappyBlogChick said...

Hey there! Based on what I've read here, we can expect greatness from you, too. Great blog.

And congrats on the loss yesterday. Sorry to hear about your head injury, but glad it's not bothering you too much today.

Roni said...

It's a great quote and ditto on the greatness compliment. I mean look at you! YOU ARE DOING IT!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You're rocking the Weight Watchers... keep it up!

Tina said...

Need a quote DESPERATELY. Where are you? :))) I'll check back later.