Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Last night, I had so much fun. My friend and I took her little one (who is three) to Greenfield Village, where they have a special Halloween thing. It was a chilly night, and a bit crowded for my taste, but just a ton of fun. The path's were all lit with Hand carved Pumpkins, and the kids got to trick or treat at different stations and got some goodies. Plus I got some Activity Points for all the walking!

The scale has been happy the last couple days, and I'm really hoping it stays that way, because it will be a great loss this week.

I've done ok on the food front this week. Not great, but I have counted everything I've eaten, and I still have flex points left, so thats good right?

I had the pleasure of trying some Edys Pumpkin Ice Cream last night, and it was so yummy. Hard to eat just one serving that is for sure!

Other than that, no serious plans for the weekend, but I'm sure I will come up with something exciting to do and post about on monday.

Hope you all have a health and happy weekend!

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noelle said...

LOVE that ice cream!!!

Have fun this weekend.