Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weigh In

Well, I had a gain this morning, which I fully expected. Couple bad days in a week will do that to ya. Luckily I was just up 1.2 pounds. I've been back on track, and the scale is heading in the right direction, so I am hoping for a good weigh in next week!

It will be a trying week though, I will have a friend in, and staying with me from Wednesday evening through Sunday Morning, and we have a wedding on Friday. So it will take work, but I know I can do it!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


noelle said...

I was up this week at WI too. Have fun with your friend. And keep working it!

jodi said...

i'm sure i'll see a gain myself this week - had some wine and lots of bread this weekend so i won't be surprised... 1.2 pounds is nothing and like you said, you CAN do it!

have a great week! :o)

Law student said...

Maybe it's TOM? Have fun with your friend this week. :)