Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting older has it's perks

So the other day, when I rejoined weight watchers, I decided to put in the big age of 26, because well, I was now closer to 26 than I was to 25, so I might as well suck it up and update it now (B-day is Nov 1). Well my old weight range was 131 to 151. I was always on the high side, even when I felt great at 150!. But now being the big 2-6, that weight range is 131 to 158lbs. They must assume your metabolism slows at 26, and its alright to be heavier. So my goal of 145 is directly in the middle of my new given weight range, so I feel even better about it!

Things have been going good weight watchers wise. I haven't had any freak out incidents, I think my munching might be under control, but I'm sure I'll have to face it again sooner or later, its my nature!

The scale showed this morning I was down over three pounds from my last weigh in, hopefully I can keep them off for weigh in day. That would be awesome!

I've had several good meals this week, I will have to post some recipes when I get time, I'm sure you will enjoy them.

I promised myself if I behaved all week, I could have apple cider and a homemade doughnut from the apple orchard this weekend, and so far I've behaved. There is this small apple orchard not far from me, tucked back on a dirt road, that not many people know about. Ever since we were kids, apple cider and doughnuts from there have been tradition. Perhaps a tradition I indulged in too much. I would often find myself eating several of their yummy freshly handmade doughnuts (in plain, blueberry, pumpkin or apple flavor) in one sitting. I've avoided them this year, even though I go get my apples there, and they smell so good. So saturday morning, I am going to go, and buy one doughnut (which kind I haven't decided!) and enjoy it. I figure it really can't be any worse than a Tim Horton's doughnut, and that's what I have flexies for!

Alright, now that I've probably made you guys all hungry from cider and doughnuts (My job here is finished...just kidding), I'm going to get back to work. Have a great healthy and happy day my friends!


Cory said...

Good job this week! Keep it up.

Kathy said...

Growing older does have some advantages...I used to get carded for alcohol and now it's for my Senior Citizen discount!!!

Good planning for the doughnut and cider...that's how we should be planning for enjoying those special foods we only get occasionally.

There is apparently a recipe for baked doughnuts made with sweet potato puree in that recipe book which I may just have to try...I will definitely give reviews once I get it and try a few things.

If you like onion rings, you should really try those Hungry Girl ones...they really are terrific.

Oh, yeah, I have the weekend all planned!!!

jodi said...

apple cider and doughnuts sound so damn tasty right now... :o)

keep up the great work, i'm sure your next weigh-in will be awesome! :o)

noelle said...

I vote for either pumpkin or apple...but that's cuz I'm so into those fall flavors right now!

Get up those recipes...I need inspiration!

noelle said...

OH, yeah...getting older will suck for me. At 38 ( my next b-day) I will lose a daily point. What's that about anyway?!