Friday, October 26, 2007

Been a Busy Week!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, it's been pretty busy. I worked Monday-Wednesday, and I had a date that went well :) Wednesday evening a friend on mine came into town, and she's staying with me, so I have been entertaining since then. The eating has been good with the exception of last night, which for some reason I ate my face off. But I counted it, and moved on. And today has been good.

Tonight is the wedding that the friend is in town for, so I'm going to try my best at the wedding, lots of veggies. I don't know if it is buffet style (I am hoping), or they are serving you something and you don't have a choice over what you eat. But I'll do the best I can and stay OP.

No other huge plans for the weekend, just more entertaining of the friend, and then something with the family on Sunday.

Until weigh in, I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week!

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