Monday, March 3, 2008

The Truth

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it's not
going to go away.
~ Elvis Presley

Sorry it's been a few days since an actual update. Work has been kinda crazy. But Happy March everyone!

I'm glad to see February go. Not that it was a bad month, I am just ready for a little bit warmer weather, and the possiblity of spring being around the corner. My February goals panned out ok. I didn't show a loss on the scale for the month, which was really kind of a bummer, because I really worked hard, and I stayed On Plan, but I am shrinking, clothes are fitting better, so I think I lost inches, just not pounds. Plus my goal for the gym last month was to get there 13 times...well I made it 14 times...So I was happy with that.

So a few goals for March, even though they really aren't big goals, they are enough for March, because March will be hard for me.

1. Make it to the gym 12 times. Very Reasonable.
2. Lose 3lbs. I am hoping this isn't over my head. But Being I lost two already, I think I will be ok.

So Simple, two goals for the month. I think I can handle it ok.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. The Roommate is moving out the weekend on March 15-17, which is something to look forward too. Friday night, I just hit the gym, then the grocery store, and hit bed early since I wasn't feeling stellar. Saturday did some running around, and then went out with my brothers and some of their friends. Sunday just finished up some stuff around the house.

This week will be busy, Haircut tomorrow, Rehearsal dinner Wednesday, Wedding Friday. I should be able to stay OP through these events no problem. I am planning on hitting the gym two more times this week (I went yesterday also).

I have been extremely hungry the last couple days, which is always rough, I hate it when I am actually hungry (like stomach growling hungry). But I've been doing a good job staying OP, and I haven't used any flexies yet.

Alright I really gotta get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a great day!


jodi said...

i was so excited to see the flatbreads at the grocery store AND they were on sale (5 for $10 which is even better!)... also picked up the butternut squash ravioli which is yummier than yummy! :o)

HappyBlogChick said...

Happy March to you, too!

Congrats for seeing improvement in the way your clothes are fitting. I bet you were building muscle ... now your metabolism is higher, so if you stay on track my bet is you'll start seeing scale results in March.

I think your goals are reasonable, too.

It does sound like a busy week. Enjoy it!

Kathy said...

The results of your hard work are showing in many ways so congrats on having a good February. You are a shining example of someone who keeps their eye on the prize and just keeps marching forward! Good for you!

Randi said...

only one way to tell if you're actually shrinking - measure! Then you have something to compare to!

Also, being hungry makes things tough, but it also means your metabolism is cooking so that's good! keep up the good work!

I think your goals are great.

noelle said...

You are doing so great....your last 6 pounds will be gone soon. And the gym is totally a habit for you now, huh?