Friday, March 28, 2008


Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am
thankful that thorns have roses.

-- Allophones Karr

Hello everyone.

I'm OP still, I promise, even with the lack of posting. As with most people, when I'm not doing so hot OP, I usually post less, but, not the case right now, I've just been extremely busy at work, which is a good thing!

I'm actually doing really well on WW right now. There were a couple times this week where I was tempted to eat something, or whatever, but I avoided it, and managed to stick to my daily points all week. Except last night, when I used some activity points on ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, Its one of my "issues" anyone who has read my blog for any amount of time knows that I have issues with nuts and ice cream. Well for the 40 days of lent, I gave up ice cream completely. Was so proud of myself. Go me. I really didn't even miss it after the initial like week of it being gone. Well I actually even vowed that I would not bring it back into the house afterwards, because well, I didn't miss it, and it was one of the things that called my name.

Well last night I'm down in my deep freezer looking for something, and of course, what do I find, a lone container of ice cream. I figure what the hell, I might as well bring it upstairs and at least start to finish it, then after that container done. Well of course I start with oh just one bite out of the container. Well needless to say, i stopped before I did any real damage, but it could've gotten bad. So what did I do, I put the damn container back in the deep freezer. When I want some I will go get it, scoop out my portion, and put it back down there. Problem solved.

I made it to the gym three times this week, not too bad, I was hoping for more, but I was honestly tired, and just didn't feel up to it. Three is good though. Thursdays work out was much much easier than tuesday, which is great.

Nothing really big planned for the weekend. Tonight the dog is getting a bath, and then I'm going grocery shopping, and hoping to be home on the couch to watch Michigan State play some good basketball....gotta root for the home-state team :)

Tomorrow I'm going to work on some painting, as I am having the roommates old room re carpeted, and I want to get it all touched up, before the carpeting goes in, since I am sloppy like that. Then probably some baking on saturday/sunday. And Chores. You know all that fun stuff.

Weigh in on Sunday, I'm not holding my breath, but thus far the scale is behaving himself (and yes, he's a man, since men suck most of the time, he is one lol). But I will report on Sunday

Until then, Everyone have a great weekend!


Christina said...

I hear you with the ice cream. I have a weakness for anything sweet. What I find helps is buying my icecream in already packed portions, that average about 1/2 cup and that way there is no bin for me to stick my spoon in. They are more expensive but worth it. You are really doing well sticking to your points and hitting the gym. That's great. What are you going to be baking this weekend, I will be cooking all day Sunday. I love preparing my meals for the week ahead of time. Have a great friday :)

ashley said...

Your progress is so inspiring! Keep up the impressive OP days.

Regarding the ice cream, I have to avoid it all together. One serving would just be too much of a tease!

Kathy said...

I can't believe there are actually people who get lazy about posting just because they're busy eating! lol!

Erin said...

I also have an ice cream addiction, though I havent bought any in a couple of months. Great job making it to the gym three times this week!