Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tough Lessons

A tough lesson to learn in life is that not everyone wishes you well.
-- Dan Rather

I thought this quote just resonated with me today, because I haven't been feeling much support from my family lately in terms of my weight loss. You know I am one of those few people who is blessed with a wonderful family. I have parents who would do anything for me, and love and support me. I have brother who are wonderful. But my mom hasn't been supportive of my weight loss, even when she asks how it's going, there is always that tone in her voice. She constantly makes stuff she knows I can't eat, and doesn't bother to even consider whether or not I can eat it. Then when I don't want too, she gets offended and tells me one meal won't make me fat. So perhaps that is where some of my lack of motivation lately is coming from too, not feeling the support. But the quote above makes me realize that not everyone is going to be a cheerleader for you (thank god I have you guys!). But I'm doing this for me, no one else, and that should be enough to keep me going.

I added a little tracker in the side bar as a ticker until "next goal". My next goal right now is my 10%, which I hit months ago before taking some time off (and the holidays lol), so I have 1.9 pounds until that goal, so so doable! Like I said this week won't be a loss, but I'm hoping I can reach that by April 1st.

I feel completely lazy not going to the gym this week. I go home and feel like I have nothing to do. Kind of an odd feeling. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to the gym. But it's a good thing I took this week off regardless, I'm not feeling well, and I ended up with one of my toes being severely infected yesterday, so it was very painful, and I doubt I would've been able to run I guess all things happen for a reason. On a high note though, my ankle which had been acting up again is feeling better, so that is very encouraging!

I have been very very hungry lately, so I am eating more, but I'm counting it. Last night I even tried to count the extra veggies I've been eating (but who got fat eating veggies right?). I'm still getting in all my 8GHG's and all that, so I'm doing well.

I've been teetering on whether or not I will take Easter Sunday as a day off plan. I don't have many days where I just don't worry about tracking, but usually major holidays (Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving) I take off. I almost don't want too, because I want to reach goal, but then what is an extra week tacked on to when I might reach my goal. Got to live a little once in awhile right? So we'll see, What are you guys doing about Easter Sunday?

I really want a Shamrock Shake right now....but do you know how many pts those things are? Holy smokes...12oz....9 pts! OMG! I would probably truthfully only be able to drink about half anyways....but still 5 pts!

I tried Couscous last night for the first time. It wasn't bad! I did buy whole wheat, which I don't know if there is much of a difference between that or regular, but I enjoyed it. Kinda a cross between rice and pasta. Always looking for something new to try.

Anyways, I better get back to work, but thank you all for such nice comments on the pictures, and also for being so encouraging, I appreciate you guys more than you know!


Kathy said...

Your family probably thinks they are being helpful giving you all that reassurance that you look fine and don't need to "diet" any more! Listen to your own voice and do what is right for you. They aren't being mean ...they just don't understand how important it is to you.
I think you could totally duplicate those shakes at home and make them a healthy version. I haven't had one, but I assume they are mint flavored and I know you are creative enough to create that in your kitchen, Miss Baker of All Things Good!!!
I love whole wheat couscous! So easy and adaptable to a lot of different recipes. I use it all the time.

Fatinah said...

families are tricky! I'd rather walk in a mine field!

I'm really glad that you are taking the week off the gym to heal. Since you obviously like working out - it would be a shame to do damage that would make that difficult long term.

For Easter, I will be in Jamaica. Were I home though, I would be making ham and all WW dishes to accompany. I do mashed garlic root veggies and brussels sprouts (not together, two sep dishes!). And I make a WW pumpkin pie. I know that isn't Eastery - but it is my husband's fav and then I know the count of everything.

If your mom is cooking - I would suggest that you offer to bring a side dish that you are in control of, and then when you add the meat you can count.

I think I have finally hit that point that I can enjoy a holiday and eat properly and not feel like I have to be off program to have "enjoyed" it.

Personally, I think you're there already. All the planning you've done around all the social functions - and you've still had fun. This is it. You're living a healthy lifestyle!!!

You know how on Biggest Loser they say WWBD before they eat (what would Bob do?) - well, I say WWKD? (what would Kate do). You rock!

jodi said...

i think that quote is great and so true! as much as we hope that friends/family will understand and support us - there will always be that one person that likes us just the way we are... i think you need to keep your chin held high and keep doing your thing because that's what matters (i would hope your mom got the point after a while!).. ;o)

i love couscous, never had the whole wheat kind though... my grocery store has several brands/flavors and i've heard that using chicken or veggie broth makes it taste even better! :o)

ebsfwan said...

Heh...families...mine are normally great but my wife's side...they are all skinny as and judgemental. Oh well.

It's funny how you start to look forward to going to the gym and feel weird when you can't go. Part of the ongoing lifestyle change I guess.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I have some similar issues with a few family members... It really makes things harder... Maybe you could try talking with her about your goals and ASKING for her help and support. Sounds like your mom loves you a lot and would really want to help if she understood!

Ride out the hungry, tough time you're in right now... Things will get better and in a few days you'll be feeling back in control again!

HappyBlogChick said...

I love cous cous - the kind I get is sooooooooo quick and tasty. I love that I can boil water and 5 minutes later I have a whole grain side dish.

Anyway, sorry your family isn't there for you. I know that mine just doesn't know HOW to support me at times. And sometimes it never crosses their minds that what they're doing to the food might make it less healthy. They serve fresh steamed veggies - and throw butter on it before it gets to the table. No matter WHAT i say I can't get them to stop that. Ugh. I just make sure I save some extra points for when I eat with them. I can't control other people and their choices - I can only control mine, right?

Kim said...

It's weird how losing weight can make you see different sides of the people you would think want nothing but the best for you. It is a tricky place to be in when you want to make your friends or family happy, but that goes against the healthy choices that you need to make for yourself. I wish I had some helpful advice - unfortunately I am still trying to figure it all out myself as well!! :)

Erin said...

Families are very tricky, my husband and my moms husband are the ones that try to sabotage me and my mom. My husband is always offering me his food after I've finished my signifigantly smaller portion. My mom has it worse though her husband wants to eat out every single night or bring home food from taco bell, wendys, kfc. CRAZY I just want to wear a hat that says "NO THANK YOU I"M ON A DIET"

I let myself have one cheat a week, last night I had about half of a small shamrock shake and boy oh boy was it yummy...I'll be spending extra time on the treadmill tonite though.

Great Blog!