Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"Go for it now, the future is promised to no one"
~Wayne Dyer

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a couple days since an actual update. We've been a little busy at work, and once I get home, I have been enjoying my quiet house.

On that note, some of my roommates shit is still at my house. I mean honestly have you ever seen someone make a 3 week production out of moving? If you haven't, come on over to my house, you can see all the boxes laying all over my house...But on that note, she hasn't been staying there since Saturday evening, and her stuff will be completely moved out by Saturday afternoon. So the light at the end of the tunnel is there. Wonderful!

I found a new product that I wanted to tell you guys about. Crystal Light has the on the go packets, but they just recently came out with ones with 3g of Fiber in them. So you get 10 calories and 3 grams of fiber, with the fiber (and then the 16 ounces of water mixed in) they are pretty filling, and the taste was good. They are a little expensive, luckily I'm not on a budget. Check um out!

Tonight I am having dinner with a friend, very excited about that...Olive Garden..I love olive garden. They have a new apricot chicken I have had before, and it's very yummy. If you guys haven't went and had it before, you should try it.

I feel like a commercial for new products today, I apologize.

So I've decided how I am going to handle Easter. First of all, I am bringing the dessert (like that ingenuity there?) Which I've decided I will make cream puffs (and make them small) and I will use sugar free pudding and fat free cool whip for the filling. So they will only be 3 or 4 pointts each....go me. As for dinner. I am not going to count points. I will be on plan before going to my moms, and the minute I leave, but I will not count points at dinner....BUT, I will watch my portions. I can have what I would like to eat, but just a small portion, and then one cream puff. I can't get myself in too much trouble. That's my way of enjoying a holiday on WW's. Unlike previous holidays where it was a get out of jail free card, and I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and it was food for all. So that's my plan. I'm sticking to it.

Going to hit the gym tonight before dinner, so that will be the second time this week. I'm actually not looking forward to going tonight, I'm kinda tired (the weather is crap here today, so that has something to do with it). BUT I am going to go. How's that for motivation?

Alright back to work for me, but I hope everyone is doing well, and having OP days!


Randi said...

Thinking about totally copying you. I'm also bringing dessert for Easter supper and needed an idea. Do you feel like sharing your cream puff recipe?

Steph said...

Hey so sorry that I've been a crapola friend - I haven't checked on you or anything and with the whole move-out I should have showed up more often! SORRY ~ forgive me??

Okay so don't let her get to you.....at least she is physically out and her stuff won't be around much longer! I'm sooooo glad that you are enjoying some peace and quiet - I am so proud of you....you took charge of the situation and made a decision that was best for Kate!

Your plan for Easter sounds awesome. Just remember the only bites you will remember are the first and last......the ones in between are all the same. In light of that philosophy I take 3 bites worth of what I want and savor each bite......portion control is defintely the key for holiday dining.

Have a great evening - work your butt off at the gym and then have fun with your friend. Oh yeah - don't forget to post that cream puff recipe!! Inquiring minds wanna know....{{{HUGS}}}

ebsfwan said...

I like your easter plan. Have a good one!

Christina said...

Thanks for visting my site and for the motivation, I really needed that. I like the idea of just having your easter meal, enjoying and then back on plan afterwards. I loooove the olive garden, we don't have any in Quebec so my boyfriend and I have actually driven 2 hours to Vermont to eat there, the salad is amazing. Enjoy and watch out for those breadsticks :)

Kathy said...

I want to know more about that apricot chicken!

Lyn said...

You're making me jealous with all the products you can get there.

Love the quote you had today ... love it!!

Bugger bout the flatmate. hope she sorts her shit out soon!!

Christina said...

thanks for your comment on my blog, much appreciated

Fatinah said...

re your comment on my blog:
We just got the skinny cafe mocha latte & skinny vanilla bean latte - I actually had the skinny cafe mocha this a.m. Mmmm - hit the sweet spot!

On BL - we love Dan - with his new sassy hair cut. If the footballer doesn't win, he's my next pick. Husband likes him best. I don't want Mark to win, cause he is a big cry baby girly man. HA!!! And Kelly is a big pill.