Monday, March 10, 2008


There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down,
the other is pulling up.

-- Booker T. Washington

Well hello everyone. I hope you guys had a great weekend!

A little bit of a recap of mine. Friday of course was crazy crazy busy with the wedding. I was up early, hit the gym, and then managed to get home, get a shower, and make it into the salon where we were getting hair and make up done on time. We left the salon about 315, and I stopped home to let Duke out and grab a quick (and healthy) bite to eat (they all stopped for pizza). I ate minimally earlier in the day since I knew I would have a rather points-intensive evening. So I jetted over to where we got ready, go all jazzed up and we made it to the church in time for the ceremony which went off without a hitch (and I managed to make it down the aisle...without falling!). After that we took a limo from the church to the reception, I had about half of a beer on the ride, and when we got to the reception I was starving! So first they put salads on the table, which of course I devoured, with minimal Italian dressing. When it came time to hit the food line I was busy, so by the time I made it through, the first round of food was looking rather empty, but they hadn't put out the fresh. I skipped mashed potatoes, roast beef and Fetticune Alfredo. I loaded up on steamed veggies (which I'm sure of course had something on them, but still they were the better choice) and some chicken. I had two small pieces of chicken which of course I peeled the skin off of. Well I got busy again and never got seconds, and really what I ate the first time wasn't much.

Well I did well all evening, I danced, I drank diet cokes, I did wonderfully, until about 11p when I sat down and realized how tired and hungry I was. Well at this point I got into the nuts, which anyone who has been reading for any amount of time knows my love hate relationship with nuts. Im sure I ate lots of points in nuts. But you know, that was the worst thing I had all night, and I went into the evening with like 20 points. So could I have avoided them? yes. But could I have done worse (aka, the dessert table, which was filled with good things?), yes! So it's done it's over. I'm happy.

Wasn't upset about gaining a pound this week, I had one bad night, and I had dinner out for the rehearsal, and the wedding. And I'm sure I ate a ton of sodium friday night, which of course had me retaining not upset in the least.

It is a bummer that next week is my TOM gain, so I have two weeks before a loss...bah humbug.

This virus thing is kicking my ass. It sucks.

On that note, I'm kinda pist about it, but I'm forcing myself to take a week off from the gym. I think my body can badly use it. They said 7 to 10 days at the hospital yesterday. Plus on top of that, awhile back I twisted my ankle pretty good, and for some reason it's been acting up, so I think my body needs a rest. So a week from tomorrow I will go back to the gym, I'm not letting myself go before then (I'm kinda getting addicted to it, and that might be as bad as it is good...if that makes sense).

This week is my last week of having a roommate, I am so excited. I can't wait until I can enjoy a quiet house (hopefully) on Saturday evening.

Yesterday eating was good, and today things have been fine too.

Anyways, that's it for now, I'm catching up on your blogs! Have healthy day!


Randi said...

Sounds like it was fun at least. I hear ya on the love hate with nuts. Stupid small serving sizes!

A week off from the gym might be the best thing ever. They say every 3 months or so you're supposed to completely rest for a week. (well going for walks or just activity is ok, but stop "training") just to let your body catch up to where you were pushing it.

ebsfwan said...

Sometimes it's good to take a break and let yourself recover.

Takeonestripperpole said...

Recovery is one of the most important aspects of fitness and it sounds like you need it! My brother's wedding is a week long event ... wonder if I will survive ... lol!