Saturday, March 22, 2008


"Remember: Success is nothing but luck, just ask any failure"

I thought this quote was fitting for today, because it's sarcastic, and since I love sarcasm, it's nice :) But this quote is so true, if you talk to anyone who has failed, they always have excuses, bad timing, bad luck, or a variety of other excuses. But all of us who have worked hard to achieve what we have no that there is really nothing lucky about it, there is alot of planning and hardwork that goes into succeeding at what we do.

I've pretty much got my easter baking wrapped up, and I'm glad to say it was a success, and I stayed out of what I was making...YES! My mom wanted brownies for dessert tomorrow along with the cream puffs, so I made a half tray. I do want one, and I think I will have a small one tomorrow. I cut them into small pieces. Also made the cream puffs as I discussed before. Made some whole wheat bread and some ribbon salad (which of course I used sugar free jello in!). Then I convinced my mom to let me bring some of the fresh sweet corn I froze over the summer for the veggie, that was I control that it's not full of butter or anything. Look at me go :) Tomorrow will be a success.

Tomorrow is weigh in, and I would assume I will have a loss, although I don't think it will be huge, as TOM still hasn't decided to come. So maybe next week? Another reason to stay relatively OP tomorrow.

Planning on hitting the gym tomorrow, and today I got some exercise cleaning the darn driveway. Welcome to spring in Michigan....with 8 inches of snow!

Alright, well I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and I'll report on Weigh in Monday!