Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"To go forward, you have to leave something behind."
-Steve Jobs

Hey Everyone, I hope your all having good weeks.

My week is off to a good start, the scale has been showing up in the past week, but with TOM around the corner, those pesky few pounds should be dropping off in the next couple days. But on a high note, my clothes are still fitting nice a lose, and I'm feeling skinny, despite those couple pounds.

I've had two non-scale victories in the last couple days, yes, two! The first one was, the jeans I bought last summer (mid way through my weight loss journey), had become too big, I mean I like my clothes on the looser side, but they were getting a little ridiculous, so I went and bought new jeans, and I'm pretty sure I could've bought 28's, although I bought 29's because I'm not one of those girl who likes their clothes to fit like spandex. So I was very excited, I think it's the only time (I can remember anyways), ever buying pants under the 30 waist size. In fact I found an old pair in my closet not long ago that were 33's!

My second NSV came last night. I was incredibly munchy when I got home from work, and I pretty much had to do everything possible to keep from eating everything in my refrigerator. I've been keep whole bagged carrots in my fridge, and when I'm feeling like I need to eat something, I peel a carrot and eat it. My theory behind this is that since it takes work, I'll be less likely to just "grab a handful of carrots", and I think it works. But regardless, I had a couple carrots, popped a stick of gum in my mouth and called it a day. So this is where the NSV came.

Later, by this time dinner was done, I actually left some of my portion of dinner on my plate. I just wasn't hungry for it. I ate what I wanted, and then stopped, but the rest back. I think it's the first time especially since being on WW's I've put food back. Usually if I've counted the points for it, I'm gonna eat it. So a major bonus for me.

I think I've been trying to "enjoy" my food more, and eat slowly, and I think that is helping, and perhaps that's the reason why I put the food back. But I also just don't feel like I need to eat a certain amount everyday with maintenance. I know some days I will want to eat a bit more than others, and that's fine. I'm no longer trying to lose. I think it takes alot of pressure off the situation.

But I have a confession! yesterday was also the first day in quite sometime I didn't get both of my oils in...opps! I forgot about the second one, and then even though I had the points left, I didn't feel like adding it to something else to eat it, just solely to get that in, so I skipped it. I think I will probably live.

Running has been going good. The run on Sunday went good as I said before, and yesterday was a rest day, which was much much needed! It's amazing how this running stuff takes it out of ya. Tonight I have 4.25 miles scheduled in the heat. Not overly looking forward to it, but I know I will feel great when I get it done.

New little feature I'm going to starting doing a "Question of the Week" feature. You guys can even suggest a question for the future ones. But every Tuesday I will compile the answers, and hopefully we can get some new ideas based on what everyone else is doing. I love to get new ideas. So brings me to the question of the week;

What are your guys favorite cereals?

The ones I eat the most are Kashi Go Lean and Go Lean Crunch along with All Bran Extra Fiber and Fiber One Original. But I love (and can't keep from eating straight out of the bag) Capt Crunch and Honeycombs (yes, I know, I'm like a 2 year old!).

Alright, back to work I go. Have great evenings, can't wait to hear your answers.


Kathy said...

I usually add 1/2 cup Fiber One to most cereal servings to stretch them so I feel I can get away with most anything that isn't really sugary after that. Straight up, I like shredded wheat squares and Kix.

There were times when I was weighing and measuring everything I ate, that I would have put a fork into anyone's hand that would dare reach for one of "my" food items! lol

new*me said...

sounds like you are doing super and congrats on the jeans! I love Kashi anykind...we all eat it here. We also do steel cut oatmeal but if I had to choose an old favorite it would be Peanut butter crunch or Smores!

JODI said...

i'll be over here, with the other 2-year olds... i LOVE lucky charms and could eat it 3x/day... hey, at least i added some blueberries this morning... ;o)

i also love special K w/berries, honey nut cheerios, and cinnamon life... :o)

spunkysuzi said...

I'm addicted to 1c post bran flakes, with 1/2c fibre one, 1 banana sliced, with 10 grams of walnut pieces topped with 1c of almond breeze. Honestly i could almost eat this every day ;)
By the way, weigh to go on the two great NSV's!!

MizFit said...

hothothothothothothot here as well.

swinging by to CHEER YOU ON in the miles tonight.

you can do it!!!

M., who is an odd one and loves Kays Naturals cereal.

Anonymous said...

my favorite cereal is kashi go lean crunch honey almond flax. yum!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I'm an oatmeal guy for breakfast, but we have lots of cereal in the house that I snack on too much. Peanut Butter CC, Fiber One Carmel Sensation, Cheerios.

Erica said...

Isn't it a great feeling when your clothes start to feel a little saggy? My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs. But I only eat a bowl every now and than. How did your run go in the heat last night? We have had some really hot weather lately I don't know how you run in it.

Fatinah said...

I'm a raisin bran gal - and I like to let the milk sit until it gets soggy!!

Chellie has Issues said...

I am a Lifetime Weight Watcher and will ove to follow your marathon journey. I started running a year ago and the longest race I've run is a 7 1/2 mile long one. Next goal is 1/2 a marathon. I too love Kashi cereals. Their Blueberry Crunch (I think) is good too.

CaRoLyN said...

I mix one cup of All Bran flakes and 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean. Yum!

Thanks for the Kong suggestion. I saw one at Walmart but couldn't figure out why in the world it would be so exciting for a dog (obviously didn't realise you put a treat in it!) I will go pick one up this weekend!!