Thursday, July 10, 2008

"If you really want something,
you can find out how to make it happen."

This is a completely non-weight loss related post! One mention of weight only, and that is that I spot checked myself yesterday, and I was showing to be up a bit...but I expected that after my weekend of eating, so no biggie.

Onto other, and more important topics. I'm kinda becoming addicted to this thing they call running, I now know what they mean by a "runners" high. On the days I don't have runs scheduled, I WANT to run. Yes, you heard me right, I WANT to run. Funny thing isn't it? I'm a total non-runner. But I know the rest days that I have incorporated are important, so I am taking one full rest day, and one day on the bike.

For this week the exercise is as follows, so far;

Sunday: 3 mile run
Monday: Day 1 of pushup challenge, Rest Day
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: 10.25 mile Bike Ride
Thursday (planned): 2 mile run
Friday (planned): 3 mile run
Saturday (planned): 4 mile run

Not looking to shabby huh? Tonight was originally suppose to be a 3 miles run, but I have a 2nd date with aforementioned up north boy, so I had to do some moving around of the schedule so that I could get out the door in time. But look at me "squeezing in" a run, how's that?

Eating has been good, not using any activity points this week because of the eating of the weekend, but I will be back to using some of those come Sunday again. I do feel like I could use them, as I'm hungry with the exercise I've been doing.....but my body has plenty of "extra" to run on, believe me! I've been munchy this week, but I'm just grabbing for the carrots when I get a bit hungry, and not counting those as long as I don't eat two pounds.

I was worried date boy might think I'm odd. I don't frequently share my weight loss trials and tribulations with someone new, very few people I've date since my ex have know I'm trying to lose weight or have lost weight. So date boy decided he wanted to have me over for a movie, said he would make me dinner....sounds nice right?

Very nice! But who in god's creation knows what he would make and how many points it would be! So I weaseled out of dinner by coming up with an excuse (I know, I'm terrible!), and then he said ok, just a movie is great, can I make or buy a dessert you like? So I told him I was training for a 5k race right now, and I'm trying to stay away from sweets, and he said ok. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm too much of a crazy!

Everything else is going good, except for the fact that my Tigers are currently tied 6-6 with the twins in the bottom of the 9th since we have a closer who flat out stinks!

Anyways, back to finishing some work...then a run and a date....have a healthy happy evening bloggers.


JODI said...

i keep reading about his 100-push-up challenge - how are you liking it so far? i found one website that talked about it but is there one that really describes how you do it? much appreciated!

good luck with date #2 and you shouldn't feel embarrassed or weird telling someone about your awesome weightloss success... personally, i'm the type that prefers to get all the important stuff out in the open, as soon as possible, so i know who i'm dealing with... :o)

KL said...

Woohoo for date #2! I'm excited for you.

And, I'm glad you're back. You've been so good at keeping up with me! I'm glad I can keep up with you too now.

Have fun tonight!

Kathy said...

Run, Kate, Run!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Spot check, eh? That scale is so hard to stay away from.

P.O.M. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Don't worry about guys thinking you're too crazy when it comes to eating healthy. They will get used to it. My ex thinks I'm totally psycho about it and my new guy is actually getting motivated to eat better.