Friday, July 11, 2008

"Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th."

-- J. Andrews

Just a little update! I got in a 3 mile run last felt great! Since I've been using a heart rate monitor, I can run farther and longer. Turns out I was just flat out running to hard, to fast, to soon, hence the reason I would tucker out like in no time! My mile times aren't stellar, but I'm working on being able to run for a full mile, then I can worry about getting the times down.

Tonight, 2 mile run! Can't wait. Yes, I'm now an addict.

Totally had a great moment running last night. I was on a bike path near the road and a whole truck of guys honked and whistled at me. It was a good feeling, I NEVER get hit on!

Date with Up North boy went well. He's kinda OCD like me....which could be scary. He had his DVD's alphabetized. I'm a list person, my spices for cooking are alphabetized...yes I'm one of those...and so is he, could make things interesting. Ended with a nice hug, and the offer to take me golfing this weekend...very exciting!

Eating, great! I've been doing well, and I allowed myself my treat of vitatop and ice cream last night....yum! I think I appreciate it more when I'm not eating it every night.

No huge plans for the weekend. A guy from work is taking me fishing tomorrow, that will be exciting. Planning a 2 mile run tonight, 4 miles tomorrow...and another short one on Sunday.

Hope everyone has fabulous weekends!


JODI said...

yay for your 2nd date, sounds like it was a success... there's nothing wrong w/finding someone that has the same 'quirks' as you, i often wish eric was a bit more organized... it's just something that isn't on his top-10 list - such is life... enjoy your weekend and upcoming runs! :o)

Kathy said...

Fishing, huh? Well, that got me into 39 years of!

MizFit said...

fishing. 2 miles. 4 miles. methinks your weekend is already more exciting than mine.

although Im now pondering a heart rate monitor.
I thought I didnt need one since my runs are so very short----but perhaps I do.


Erica said...

So glad you got your run in. I never got back on my bike after the 1 try but I started roller blading the other night and plan to go again tonight, I had so much fun and it's great exercise. Have fun fishing and good luck golfing.

Fatinah said...

hmmm, I have both my dvd's and spices alphabetized....glad to hear the date went well!!

KL said...

Another date? Woohoo!

I think my boobs are too big (and will always be, even if I lose several sizes) to even remotely enjoy running. I'm glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

it's funny, sometimes i'll catch guys looking at me, and i'm like oh crap, there's something on my shirt. i was at wal-mart with my husband, and these guys were all looking at me, and i was like why are those guys looking at me, so scott looked over, and looked back at me, and said, "babe, they're checking you out." and i was like really? i forgot what that feels like! it's nice, isn't it!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I'm with're weekend already sounding more exciting than mine.

My boobs not too big to enjoy running, but I still don't like it ;)

Andrew is getting fit said...

The running too fast thing was so something I was guilty of! Slow down and you can go forever!

Steph said...

You are a junkie - too funny! So how was golf???