Saturday, July 26, 2008

"A person is only as big as the dream they dare to live."
-- Unknown

I typically don't post on Saturday's, but I had to post about a great run that I had yesterday on my day off!

My day started off not so great, my phone rang at 7a on my day off, it was work, telling me they were having computer problems, which I had to come in and handle. So I was not a happy camper. So it threw my schedule all off, I was suppose to get up when I wanted, mosey around, and then go out on a run. Wasn't turning out that way.

Well I got home from work about 10a, and I decided to go out on a run, even though I totally didn't feel like, and my allergies were miserable. The first mile or so of my run was hard, I wanted to turn around, but I kept telling myself it would get better, and it did!

I ended up running the 4 miles I had planned, and two of those miles were at a pace almost a minute faster than I normally run! I was so happy!

So I got home, and I was totally wiped out, but felt so energized, I actually wanted to go out and run more! After that "high" wore off though, I was just bushed, I think it was probably the combination of allergies, being a little stressed this week, and not sleeping well. So I spent alot of the day off just kinda lounging on the couch.

Food-wise things are going great, I haven't had any problems with maintenance so far, I'm sure I'll hit a bump in the road eventually, but so far, so good.

Weight-wise, those 2lbs I was up earlier in the week have seemed to disappear, yesterday I was actually my lowest weight ever at 141.6, and this morning I was just a tad over 142. So I don't know what this means, I thought I should see a TOM gain this Sunday, which would actually mean that I'm about 2lbs less than that, which isn't good, because that would mean I'm still losing. So we will see how this plays out, might have to make some adjustments to eat more. Suppose with all the running it's still possible I'm losing. We'll see what it looks like over time.

The rest of the weekend, no real plans. My truck needs a bath and cleaning, the dog needs a walk (or at least thinks he does!), zucchini is sitting on the counter begging to be baked into something, and chores around the house screaming my name. Plus I have a 6.5 mile run tomorrow that I can't wait for!

Anyways, have great weekends bloggers, and I'll be catching up soon!


Take One Stripper Pole said...

Congrats on all your success lately! I am so thrilled for you!!!! :)

Andrew is getting fit said...

That's fantastic! Sometimes it's really worth pushing that little bit harder when things aren't going well eh!