Friday, August 1, 2008

"Through action, our potential becomes our identity;
our dreams become our life."
- David Jaing

Good afternoon everyone!

Welcome to August, goodbye July! How many of you had good July's?

I had a pretty good July, I think for the most part it was a month full of change, which there is nothing wrong with that. Change is good right? I would review the goals I set for July, but most of them are irrelevant at this point, since I shifted focus. Although my goal was to get to my goal weight this month, and I did! So I'm very happy to report July was successful.

Looking back on July, I had a good month. Eating was good, I did have a couple days at the beginning of the month where I was off program, and I ate alot, and alot of stuff that wasn't that healthy. But such is life, the world goes on, and the rest of the month was on plan, and as I said, I reached goal, so I suppose that weekend indiscretion in the midst of things seems irrelevant now right? Just goes to show, don't beat yourself up, just move on and get back on plan.

Activity this month was great. My goal was to log over 20 AP's a week, and I handled that with no problem. I also started running outside this month, and it went well, and I'm throughly addicted to it now.

So what's August to bring for me?

1. Maintain my healthy weight of 142-145.

I have been weighing everday lately, just while I get the hang of maintenance, and I will continue to do so, I've been using an average of the 7 days weight as my "weigh in" for the week. Anywhere in the 142's or low 143's for average, I'm golden. If it starts to creep into the upper 143's...time to take notice. So there is the weight goal.

2. Keep Running!

This is a broad goal, but heck, I just want to keep running and having fun.

3. Enjoy myself, and my vacations, but keep eating healthy, and tracking. Vacations= leeway, but that doesn't mean go on a stuff my face fest.

Ok, so there is the goals for the month. I think they can be done!

So what's been going on with me this week?

Well I ran 4 miles on Tuesday, and it was just about the most miserable 4 miles I ever ran! Not good! It was terribly hot and humid, and then to boot I got 2 miles from home, my garmin died and I had to use the facilities. BUT! I didn't let this deter me, I got out yesterday for an awesome 3 mile run!

I did decide to change my training plan a bit. My body was telling me I was doing too much, too soon. How was it telling me this? I was having joint problems, my muscles felt lethargic, and I was so freaking tired. Perhaps I should've taken into consideration increasing from 9 miles on a treadmill to 17 miles outside in a matter of a couple weeks wasn't wise.

So what's the new plan? I'm stepping my mileage back by 20% next week, and then I will steadily increase it from there. I probably should've started lower, but we live and learn. I just want to remain running and uninjured!

Got another set of bad news on the Mom situation the other day. She now told me she's been having problems with high blood pressure. So she went to the doctor and got on some meds. I hate to see people use meds to control something which could be controlled by lifestyle changes.

BUT! She is trying. I know everything comes in stages. I told her awhile back I would print her the information WW's had on Diabetes if she wants me to, but never said another word. So she asked for it the other day, and this morning I printed it for her. I've also offered help several times, by telling I would help her with Weight Watchers if she wanted to go that route. So I think she is coming around, slow process, but we're trying.

Other than that, nothing to exciting. Grocery Shopping and a run tonight. A Date a some point this weekend (let you guys know how it goes!). I have to make some cookies for a guy at works birthday, and then just other stuff around the house. Plus I think I am going to go see the new Batman movie, looks cool!

Anyways, have great weekends and I will talk to you guys soon!


JODI said...

july was good for me too - very busy but also full of change... it will be interesting to weigh-in next week and see where i am, esp. after deciding not to count points anymore... sounds like you're doing great with maintenance so i'm hoping the same goes for me!

enjoy your date, movie, and weekend! :o)

Chellie has Issues said...

The other bread I like for a point is Orowheat Light 100% Whole Wheat. As for the couple of bad days, that is life. It's the choices we make afterward that can help or deter us. Do we sit and feel guilty and stew about it or get over, work out a little harder and let it go. I am finally getting to the not feel guilty part. I still have a problem when I eat something that I don't know the points on! I obsess a bit. On a vacation, just try to walk to as many places as possible to get in that extra activity points to help.

As for running, I have done that. I get so excited and overdo it and hurt my body. You are very smart listening to your body and backing off. I had been training for my 5K on my treadmill. I was surprised at how hard it was to run an even shorter distance outside than on my treadmill.

Good for you trying to gently nudge your mom and not make her feel bad. You want to help people but ultimately they need to help themselves. Hopefully seeing you will be motivation for her. I hope your date and cookie baking go well.

new*me said...

oohh....a date! I remember the dating days....Hubby and I need to go on more dates without kids :) Sounds like July was great to you! Getting to your goal has got to be a huge milestone. Great job!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Glad to see things are still going well. Thank you for all your supportive comments on my blog as well.

I'd love to see a post on your thoughts about the changes in your life. :)