Monday, August 25, 2008

The person who removes a mountain
begins by carrying away small
-Chinese proverb

Well greetings fellow bloggers. I didn't realize that It had been almost a week since I visited. It's kinda crazy how fast time is flying by these days!

Just a little update. The end of last week went well. I was suppose to go to bike night with Tech on Thursday night, but ended up feeling under the weather (whether than be allergies, or beginning of a cold, I'm not certain), so I begrudgingly canceled plans and spent the night at home on the couch. Friday night I got a quick run in (in the heat, yuck!). Then hit the grocery store and came home to watch the tigers.

Saturday proved to be terribly hot, which found me spending most of the day indoors. I got alot of running around done, but I wasn't feeling real hot again, so I spent the evening watching some tv and hitting the sack kinda on the early side.

Sunday I got up in the morning, and ran 6 miles. When I set out it was about 830a, and it was on the cooler side, about 70*, but it was very humid...about 93% when I left. So needless to say it was a very sweaty run! But it was a good run, and I got home and felt accomplished. Then I made some brownies and Apple Cheesecake bars for work (and didn't taste test hardly at all!), as well as getting a new kielbasa recipe ready in the crockpot for today too. I felt good about the kielbasa recipe, as I used turkey kielbasa and splenda brown sugar blend in it, and you know what? The guys never knew the difference...and they ate much healthier. Then I watched the tigers, finished up some chores, hit Mongolian BBQ with the parents and then a movie with Tech. So it was a full weekend!

How did eating go? I think it went pretty well. I didn't have any situations that were bad, no times where I really ate too much ice cream, or too much of this or that. Weekends are always a little harder for me, I have a tendency to eat a little more than normal, but I just make sure they are fruits and veggies, and I figure I'm safe. But I think overall the weekend went well food wise. I'm still struggling with not eating when I get home late from a date with tech. But I'm working on it. One day, one thing at a time!

Today has been a little more of a challenge. I started this morning off with my normal oatmeal, which today was "pumpkin pie" oatmeal, and I sprinkled some splenda brown sugar on it, and a few walnuts, and it really was quite tasty. Then I followed it with my normal mid morning cottage cheese.

Now this is where it got a little sticky. We were having a BBQ for my dad's birthday here at work, which is why I made the yumminess I was making yesterday. So of course I had to try the kielbasa, which was very yummy! Very much so! I stopped at a couple slices of kielbasa, no big deal. Then they made me cut the brownies and cheesecake bars. I got through that with minimal picking. But over the course of time, I picked more than I should have. I probably (over time) ate one or two brownies, plus I had a couple bites of the cheesecake bars and a couple bites of the apple cake someone made dad (can you tell he loves apple?). Did I eat more of things than I probably should have? yes! Did I stop before it got too out of hand? yes! So even though I went a little off my plan, lets look at the things I did that were a victory to me.

I stayed away from the grilled hamburgers, sausage and hot dogs.
I stayed away from the baked beans and little smokies.
I stayed out of the potato salad (a favorite of mine!).
I stopped before I dug my hole too deep!

Also, in the old days, I would've eaten like that, and then I still would've eaten my lunch and snacks I bought with me. But at this point, I have eaten anything else, because I haven't been hungry. I'm thinking maybe I'll have my grapes in a bit.

So even though I had a less than stellar day, I did a lot of things right, and that is what matters my friends, and it's part of this maintenance game I'm now playing.

What did you do right today?

A little yummy treat I tried this weekend (and a tip!), The guy I work with (who is also health conscious, because of me!), suggested taking some cinnamon toast crunch and coarsely crunching it up and putting it over ice cream, and oh my god it's the best! I found a new favorite once weekly treat!

Also, I don't really like to keep sugared cereals in the house, mainly just because I'm a cereal person, and cereals like trix, capn crunch and honeycombs are dangerous, I can eat out of the bag like chips! So I recently started buying the variety packs of individual boxes and just having the cereal as a treat every so often, it works great, controls the serving and prevents you from eating the whole bag!

Anyways, back to work for me!


JODI said...

i went to the gym today and jogged not quite 4-miles... granted, i did some walking but not much so i'm happy to cross that off my list... :o)

i love cereal too and am not afraid to admit lucky charms is my all-time favorite... have a box ontop of my fridge right now! yummy! :o)

TB--Milwaukee said...

I always used to bring my own lunch, eat what was at work AND my own lunch. I'm getting much better at not doing that so much.

Chellie has Issues said...

Once again, we're are sooo alike. Weekends are a bit slackish for me. I'm sorry you've been feeling under the weather but kuddos that you still ran! And 6 miles in humidity at that! The sugary treats are soo hard. It's like if I have one, small bite, it's over. It's like Pringles, can't eat just one. I'm glad you stopped though and resisted other temptations. Very proud of you! Especially not eating the potato salad ( a fav of mine too).

Andrew is getting fit said...

Aah the eating. Sometimes it is rather difficult isn't it?

Caroline said...

Sounds like you are kicking ass!!! I hope you know what great motivation and inspiration you are. And can you make the kielbasa recipe WW-friendly? If so, I definitely want the recipe. Chris loves kielbasa, so I know he would enjoy it. Congrats on a great weekend and not going crazy with all of the treats!

MizFit said...

*waves hand*
Im a big fan of the individual cereal boxes as well.

I know it's extra trash and money BUT for me it works so I just cant fret :)

and this? I LOVE THIS sentence!

I stopped before I dug my hole too deep!


Steph said...

Hi my name is Stephanie and I'm a cereal adict. I got to the point where I wouldn't buy anything but the little boxes for my son because I would eat the whole box without even realizing it......can you say mindless eating??!!

Sounds like tech guy is going good....I'm so happy for you! Don't sweat the bites - that's what maintenance is about - putting your learned behaviors into practice. I mean really, are you going to go your whole life without another brownie, NO! So you practice self are doing fantastic and it seems obvious that you have maintenance conquered!

Carrie said...

What is the recipe for the Kilbasa in the crock pot!? I have some in my freezer I need to use and anything crock pot is great with me!! Keep up the awesome running!