Monday, August 4, 2008

"We mustn't run away from our battles,
because sooner or later we will have to face them,
if that's the case, why not now?"
~Jasper Tong

So this should be an interesting blog post.

On Friday night, I made an executive decision to stop counting points. I finished my Friday off, but made the decision starting Saturday I was just going to start listening to my body, afterall, I know what I should be eating.

Why did I decide this? Because I honestly felt some nights like I was eating points just for the sake of eating points, not because I was actually hungry. I felt like somedays I needed 27 points, or 30 points, and other days, I was fine with only 21 or 22, but I was eating 25-30 everyday, because that's what I was given, and afterall, weight watchers always told ya "eat your points!".

So I decided to stop counting.

Overall the first two days went good. Saturday I ate a bit more than necessary during the day, but basically didn't eat anything in the evening, because I was busy, and I wasn't hungry.

Sunday also went good, I think I grazed a little more than necessary, but overall, no big incidents. I made cookies and lemon bars and managed to not lick spoons or taste test. AND! I had lunch of a sandwich with a Banana and some carrots, and I was full after half the sandwich and half the banana, so I wrapped the rest and put it in the fridge! I was happy about that, maybe I'm learning something? We then went out to dinner at Red Robin and had this awesome Asian Chicken Salad (we will come back to this), and I came home, I had a Fiber one bar I probably didn't need, and then I had a small serving of ice cream, with a vitatop of dessert later in the evening, so overall...pretty darn successful for a couple days sans points. Enjoyed having the freedom, and just not obsessing over it, because really it had gotten to that.

So how did the scale look over the weekend...not bad...until this morning 145lbs...where the hell did that come from. I heard the term "digital devil" used this week on another blog, and I would say the digital devil was not kind to me this morning.

So what do I do? I flip out! Of course, that's true Kate fashion right there, act and then think about it later. So I re packed my lunch for today to account for only eating 21 points throughout the day, as that is my weight loss points. So I'm on 21 points today.

Now of course everyone I talk to (and I know this in the back of my head), says you can't gain 2.2lbs overnight. And yes, I know this. I had plenty of good weigh in's recently, so I know I didn't actually gain and that I don't actually weigh 145, but that number was on the scale, and it flipped me out.

I promised myself anything over 144, would put me back in to Emergency Weight loss here I am. Necessary? It might not be, but I'm not taking chances.

What do I honestly think caused this? Bloating of course. I feel like a balloon today. So I think I should see it disappear, but until I do. "Hi 21 points a day, my name is Kate".

So about this Red Robin Salad, being the good and healthy person I am, my parents decide they want to go to Red Robin last night, so I look through their customizer feature, and figure out what I want. I pick the Asian Chicken Salad, with nutritional content of 338 cals, 3g of fat and 6g fiber for the salad without the side of bread, I knew it was a good choice (since I know points by heart, i was like 6 points, fantabulous!). I go, I eat the salad, dressing on the side, yum!

Well I come home, and being OCD, I want to check the info again, well I go to look at it, and I realize it doesn't account for the rice noodles or almonds that were in the salad, as I don't see them listed anywhere. So I finally find them in the "add an ingredient" section. So I add them, and pull off mandrian oranges which weren't on the salad I find I've eaten quite a few more points, completely unintentionally.

So what do you guys think? Whats up with that? Should they have to state that certain ingredients aren't included in the calculation? I mean, I would have asked for no almonds or rice noodles had I known they weren't included in the provided NI, but no where did it say that. PLUS, it said it was included in the salad on the menu. I was a bit peeved.

So I think this might have had a bit to so with the scale being unhappy this morning as well. I mean I'm sure the thing was chocked full of sodium, making me retain more water too.

So what does this week hold for me:

I plan to run 12 miles this week. Did 4 yesterday. Tonight I'm taking off, I have a date...a second date (stay tuned for updates!).

Stay in "weight loss mode" until the digital devil tells me otherwise, after which point, i will make another executive decision on how to proceed.

Start the push up challenge again. I wasn't able to handle week 3, so I'm going to drop down to week two this week.

not let the scale rule my life and moods. I was ticked off this morning, even though I know I shouldn't be, since I commonly can fluctuate a couple pounds.

Alright, so there you have it, lots of information! Sorry to have babbled on so long. I'll be stopping in to a blog near you soon!


spunkysuzi said...

Actually i think you have an excellent plan. Don't count points, eat clean and healthy! And if you feel the scale is not going the way you want it to reign in the eating until you are at your comfort level again. I would think that after a while you probably won't need to reign in your eating very often.
As far as the salad i do believe they should have stated that the almonds and noodles were not included! Sometimes it's so hard to stay on top of healthy eating ;) But then again one salad won't really do any change in the long run. It's just if you eat out a lot and you don't notice these things ;( Here's to a good week!!

JODI said...

the "digital devil" was the reason why i stopped living my life according to what number it was showing me... i was constantly worrying about what would happen if i had a bit more to eat on the weekends, or had a few extra glasses of wine, or was too tired to exercise... it just wasn't worth it to me anymore and yea, maybe i'll take that back some day but for right now - i'm okay with where i am... i will still do monthly weigh-ins but plan on using them more as a guide... i just needed a break!

i think we all react in different ways so if lowering your points makes you feel better - than i say go for it! and i totally think you should write red robin and tell them to be more specific about their nutritional value... :o)

new*me said...

the scale is frustrating! I honestly don't think I could count points for very long. Maybe after a while of getting to know your body, you can do less weigh ins.......just keep a close check on how the clothes are fitting. The scale should not rule your life especially when you are actively eating healthy and exercising.

Tony said...

good luck with not counting points anymore. Your blog is very entertaining.

Erica said...

I've stopped counting points for 1 mth now and during that month my weight stayed the same. You should know your body by now and know what's good and bad for you. Last year I didn't count points for 3 mths and stayed the same at that time also. I also weigh in monthly cuz weekly was aggravating.

That salad sounds good by the way! I also like "digital devil".

Veronika said...

I believe one pound of fat translates to 3500 calories.. So if you didn't ate 3500 calories in your salad you didn't gain the weight it’s most likely just water in your system.

I know how it feels and counting points is boring... I lost most all my weight by not eating meat any longer. It works for me...

Good Luck and chin up.. You’re doing fine!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I like your approach. I've decided on a magic number and if I go above it then emergency weightloss mode will be activated as well.

Sure, it's only water. Rationally you know that but it's better to be sure isn't it?

I've lost weight before and put it all back on through not monitoring what I was doing rather rigously. So it may be a devil machine but it's a necessary evil.

CaRoLyN said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say you were eating points just because you had them. I find myself doing the same thing. Even though I'm not hungry, I know I have those 2 points left so I can't help but go and scout the fridge for something 2 points or less! Hello? I'm not even hungry!!

Don't sweat the little gain. Your body flucuates so much in the run of a day so I wouldn't worry about it.

Can't wait to hear about the date!!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Hate counting points, but I also know that bites of this and that really add up for me. I still haven't gotten down to a number I want, so my magic number is still out of reach.

Kathy said...

Try Core! :) No counting points, and helps you eat healthy. I am LOVING it!

Kathy said...

I think restaurant NI's are notoriously questionable and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

You know I am not a big fan of the scale, but during the beginning stage of maintenance, I don't know how else you would monitor balancing that fine line between losing and gaining, so it is probably a necessary evil for you right now, at least.

Even though the gain was most likely due to water retention, it probably was a good move to head back to point counting and decreasing the number until you are back at the weight you feel comfortable at. Sure don't want to let it get ahead of you! Been there and done that!

Chellie has Issues said...

Oh Kate we're very much alike. I too am a freaker. I still let points and the scale consume me. I have been too afraid I'll back slide, like in the past, to let it go. I too will be full at night but have left over points and feel like I have to eat to get them finished. Isn't it frustrating when you plan ahead and look up menu items to then find out the info was incorrect? I've done that too and it's very irritating. I usually go up after the weekends and then my weight slowly goes back down to normal. Yours will probably do the same.