Monday, April 28, 2008

Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows
with the ability to say no to oneself.

-- Abraham Joshua Heschel 1907-1972

Thanks for all the nice compliments and encouraging comments on my last post. It felt great to see the 140's yesterday on the scale. Very good. And to have it where I am below 5 pounds to goal, that's even cooler!

But I have admit, I'm almost skeptical. I haven't seen two really good losses like that in a row....I don't know if I honestly ever have. So what gives now? I know I've cleaned up my eating, and I'm working out, and I did have a couple good weeks, but I don't know. I almost feel like my body will have a rebound gain next week just to piss me off. Hard not to be skeptical. Plus as I've said before, this is right about the point my body started fighting back last time, and refusing to go below 150lbs, I was losing and gaining the same 2 or 3lbs time and time again, and I got frustrated. So I guess I'm just leary! Nonetheless, my goal for this week is to lose the .8 pounds that will put me at my next goal...20lbs lost!

I had a wonderful weekend though on that note! I locked myself in the house with air on, so my allergies were pretty good. But I got alot accomplished. In fact last night by the time I sat down last night, I was absolutely exhausted. I painted, I cleaned, I baked (Ironically, I baked dog treats for Duke, which he loved...and it keeps me skinny!) and went out to dinner and movie with the ex-roomie. We went to see Baby Momma, completely hilarious if your looking for something to make you chuckle!

Yesterday was a good OP day, I did eat some activity points (which I normally try to do on Sunday), but did good. Even avoided the nuts at my moms house when I went for dinner...So NSV there. Today has been a good OP Day, and I intend to keep it that way.

I do have to say though, only having 21 points a day is kind of a mind game I think. Really what is one point? It's nothing. But I swear it's like "oh my god, how am I ever going to live on only 21 points a day". I'm sure once I get adjusted it will be nothing, but it's completely all in my head, I know that. Does anyone else find that?

Hit the gym yesterday, will walk Duke tonight, and hit the gym tomorrow again.

Alright! Well that is all I have for today! But have healthy, happy and OP days!


Christina said...

I hear you about the 21 points....I remember when I had 24 ahhhh sigh :) Great job, don't be skeptical because you earned it with your hard work and all those amazing quotes ;)

Fatinah said...

I think anyone who loses a point goes through that! Certainly I do!!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Mind games are fun aren't they? :)

TB--Milwaukee said...

Can't believe I started with 44 points...wish I still had a few of those left. 21 points is doable with lots of core choices too.

Hear ya on the mind games, wish you a great week and a good loss. I love reading your blog, even if I seldom comment.

Kathy said...

Good news...140's!
Bad news...21 points!
Being so close to your goal...Priceless!!!

Pudgey Penguin said...

Hey, awesome blog. I'm a 2nd timer on WW and a first time blogger, so its great to see what you've accomplished with your weight loss. I'm about 8 lbs behind you and dying to see the 140s. Congratulations!

If you've got any tips for me, please let me know!

Caroline said...

When I had my completely undeserved losses someone told me that we're always "ready" for something bad to unexpectedly happen, so why should something unexpectedly good happen as well? Enjoy it for this week, cause, unlike me a few weeks ago, you DID earn it! Even if you go back up a little this week, you are still so close to your goal and you're doing fabulous. Congrats!

And you know how i feel about losing a point. It really seems to make a huge difference, even though it shouldn't. And for some reason going from an even number of points to an odd number of points is harder for me than vice versa. WTF? That doesn't really make any sense, but oh well!

CaRoLyN said...

Enjoy your entrance into the 140s! I'm soo jealous! I'll get there someday, and hopefully soon. That is awesome!
Don't be skeptical, you earned those loses from working out and eating right. So happy for you! Less than 5 lbs to go WOW!