Thursday, April 17, 2008


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,
therefore, is not an act, but a habit"

I almost forgot to about it! I just passed my one year blogging anniversary! Happy Anniversary to my blog! When I started this little thing, I never once imagined that there would be such a great bunch of people who I would find via my blog. I don't know what I would do with your encouragement and well wishes, thanks!

That being said, I think the above quote is a great motivational quote. And very true. If we are repeatedly sitting on our butts, eating, watching tv, not following our plans, that will be our habits, and therefore, we will be overweight. But when we are truly out there to change ourselves, our way of eating and increase our activity level and things like that, after awhile, they will become our habits. And we will look like our habits! We will be healthy, fit and happy! But I know how hard some old habits are to break, I think we all struggle with those on a regular basis, and I think we all have a few old "habits" that will never be broken. But just remember, keep on plan, keep doing what your doing, and they will become habits, good habits!

I'm doing well, and staying OP. I am also doing really good about limiting by licks/bites of things, and trying to count for them when I do, so I would say that is an improvement. I'm really motivated to see a good loss this week. I feel thinner (even though with my 2.8lb gain last week, my clothes never felt different, which led me to believe it was mostly water retention), but my clothes seem loose, so I'll take that. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

Now on activity I have been doing really well this week. I hit the gym on Sunday, Tuesday and plan to tonight...and maybe tomorrow, although not sure on that yet. And I've walked the dog Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. So I've had a good amount of activity this week, especially since I've been pretty much laid up for the two weeks prior.

The cold is doing well, it's almost all gone I think. It still is lingering a little bit, but should be completely out of my system soon! yes!

This morning I tried my oatmeal without any sweetener at all in it. It wasn't bad, but I don't think it's how I would want to eat it every morning. So I think I have decided I will just start using a teaspoon of regular sugar in it. It will keep the points the same (I checked, it doesn't add terrible amount of calories), and in my opinion a small amount of the real stuff is better than the fake, least my body will recognize what it is.

My morning oatmeal, I've been doing a little different variation this week, and it's yummy. I've been using my standard quick oats, with a 1/4 teaspoon of apple pie spice, some sweetener and about 1/3 of a cup of unsweetened applesauce. Taste's just like Apple Pie, and very good! You should try it!

For those of you who have been reading, you know I have a couple foods I have issues with, among these are nuts, peanut butter and ice cream. All major problems. Since the roommate has left the house I've done well. Nuts were never kept in the house, so that was never a in home issue. Peanut Butter, I finished up the rest of what was left, and didn't buy anymore. Can't get myself in trouble with it if it's not around right? When I do buy more, I think i will buy the "Jif On the Go" packs. Controlled portion. Then ice cream, I finished the end of the quart I had, and since then I have only been buying the Weight Watcher ice Cream cups. Controlled Portions, and doesn't let me sneak and extra scoop on top...very good! So it's very easy in the house to control myself. Not to say there isn't things to get myself into trouble with, but most of it is healthy, and I can't do too much damage.

So that's me fixing some issues!

Anyways, I'm going to finish up some stuff around here at work, but I hope everyone is having wonderful days!


Christina said...

Happy Blog Birthday, I am so happy to have found it and you of course. I have to try that oatmeal, I love oatmeal and if it can taste like apple pie yeah baby!!
Great quote today..I am partial to the Greeks "wink, wink"

Lyn said...

I always find your blog so inspirational!! Thankyou for that and happy blog birthday!!!

HappyBlogChick said...

Happy blogaversary!

I'm so with you on ice cream as a food that must be in controlled portions. I can't have big ol' containers of ice cream around. Even if it's a crappy flavor I'll end up standing at the counter and eating it with a spoon. UGH!

I love that quote.

Good for you for your exercise and the refraining from/counting licks and bits. Excellent work!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Happy blogaversary!

Fatinah said...

here's to another year of you inspiring us!!

Kathy said...

Those individual portions are great. They do really help!