Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!

-- Jonathan Winters

I think we have all heard this quote before, and it seemed fitting for the day after the perfect day challenge. I think we were swimming out to the darn boat yesterday! I know I haven't quite made it to goal, but I'm trying, I'm trying hard. I want to get there.

When I initially started on Weight Watchers, It was kinda on a whim with the roommate. We were sitting there and I was like hey, you wanna go on Weight Watchers and see if we can lose some weight? She said sure, so off we went. My first real attempt at ever losing some weight. At first I set a goal of 10lbs. Then it became 15lbs, then 20lbs and then 25 and 28. I just kept going up, what I thought I needed to lose. It's funny to look back on it. I never thought I would be as happy as I am with the weight where I am. Not to say that I am completely happy, but where I am at I feel healthy and fit, which is great. I can't wait to drop the last 5 to 8lbs and see how I feel then, I think I finally set a goal weight which will be right for me. And if I feel I need to lose more at that time, I can always evaluate the situation. Never know, I might feel 145 will be perfect and decide not to go down to my personal goal of 142.

The Perfect Day seemed to give me a renewed sense of motivation. I wasn't really lacking, but I needed a "pick me up" and that definately helped.

I've done well OP all days this week, today not being a exception. I hit the gym Sunday, and walked the dog, and also walked the dog yesterday. Tonight I am going to hit the gym, even though, quite honestly I don't feel like it. My allergies are kicking my butt and I would rather go home and melt into the the couch and be lazy...but I won't.

Anyways, that's about all I have for now...I know nothing terribly exciting. But I hope you all are staying OP and having wonderful days!


Kathy said...

You have done a remarkable job and what's more, you seem comfortable with this new lifestyle and that will bode well for you in the future.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I like this idea of doing a Perfect Day. I've been starting to slip slightly off program I think.

It's so good that you have found yourself happy with how you are.

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on the perfect day! That is such a great idea. I know what you mean about being content (finally) with your body. I remember when I had lost 50 lbs and I weighed around 175 or so. I remember thinking that I felt so great about my body, Now I'm over 20 lbs lighter and I can't even imagine going back to 175! I would feel awful!
I'm thinking about starting a Summer Challenge at the end of the week, you might want to think about it!

Christina said...

I am so happy for you, you're in agreaqt place right now and so positive. I love reading your blog because it boosts my mood all the time. Great quote today :)

Steph said...

You are such an inspiration. I think I need a few perfect days to get me going strong again! Keep it up and before you know it you will be at your goal.

You are such a strong person and you should be proud!!! When you say you are doing circuit traing - are you working on weights or cardio or both?? I'm trying to get ideas to mix up my exercise. I'm going to try running and I've already been bouncing around on the elliptical but I need something else......any suggestions.....Miss Fit Pants!!

HappyBlogChick said...

Congrats on your OP-all-week-ness. Good job!

I think it makes a lot of sense to keep re-evaluating your goal. How do you know if it's right until you get there, or you don't get there and you get to a point where you're content.

Caroline said...

This time of here in NC I am always grateful that I don't suffer from allergies. My car is GREEN (and it's usually blue) from all the pollen. People are miserable. So I'll count my blessings that I don't have that going on. I think you're doing great, and can't believe you're only 0.1 away from 10%. Yay you!!!