Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.

I'm so very sorry I've been MIA for so long. I haven't been this down and out over a cold in quite some time. Truth be told, before I started eating better, and before I started being treated by an allergist for my allergies, I was pretty much sick from October to April. So having one of two times where I get the sniffles, or maybe one time when I am down and out isn't so bad.

Turns out that last weeks sinus infection decided to morph it's way into Bronchitis on Sunday, so this week has been battling them both. I'm still congested and I have a bit of a cough left, but I'm beginning to feel human again, and that is totally a plus! Hopefully I can start going to the gym again by the weekend *fingers crossed* I miss it!

Other than that, things have been pretty uneventful, since I'm lacking the energy to do much. I've been slowly working on painting my dining room, but it's moving slow. The weather has been gorgeous, but totally bumming because i really haven't gotten to get out and enjoy it!

BUT! I have been OP with the exception of the little episode on Saturday night. I've been doing good OP, getting my 8GHG's in, and that stuff. I know I won't see a loss this week cause of TOM, but looking forward to weigh in on the 20th, because I know I will probably see a nice sized one! yay!

I'm bummed tonight is the Idol special thing, I wanted to see who they were going to boot off tonight! I'm pulling for the David's (Cook and the young kid).

On BL, I'm pulling for Ali to win, I know alot of people are pulling for the big guy (whose name is escaping me right now!). Either of them would be good, I just don't want to see Kelly, and definately not Mark!

Alright other than that, nothing exciting. Just wanted to update and say I AM alive! I am on plan! and I am STARTING to get better!

Stay healthy bloggers!


Fatinah said...

glad you're back. did you go vote for the finalist???? Wasn't it crazy how much weight they lost in one week....I can't even think about it anymore. It's getting me down!

Steph said...

Okay sorry but I voted for Mark - I really like him.....he has been a bit obnoxious but I think it's just the Bostonian in him......he has been so determined and I have totally seen him transform from the inside out.

On to you - Girl you must get well! Gym misses you soooo much - LOL! Seriously, I hope that you are back to your old self soon! Congrats on the deserve it - you work hard consistently so I'm proud to see that your body is cooperating.


Brittany said...

I'm pulling for Ali too, but the only way she could possibly win is if Mark goes to the finale instead of Roger. As much as I can't stand Mark and really like Roger, I want a female to win, so I voted for Mark.

Kim said...

Oh I hope that you feel better soon!!! Please take care of yourself!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Welcome back. Hope you recover fully soon.

Anonymous said...

i'm TOTALLY pulling for ali! i love her, and i'm so proud of her! do you know she has lost the highest percentage of weight on campus so far! she's amazing!

noelle said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. Hang in there girl. Spring will be here soon and we can all get outside and enjoy it. I say this as Denver gets yet another spring snow storm! :o)

Christina said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you're back wooo hoo and feeling better. I hope your weigh in is still a loss even if TOM is visiting, good luck :) BL I totally want Ali to win, man in 15 weeks she looks almost as good as Jillian, wooza! I want her arms, as for who I am voting for it will be Mark just because I know that Roger (the big guy) can still lose too much and might win. Hope you have a great night and you are on the road to recovery :)

Kathy said...

Kate...bless your heart! Hope you kick this illness soon. Poor thing!