Tuesday, February 24, 2009

" I've seen extreme bravery from the least likely of people. Life is
about the moments when it's all gone wrong. That's when we define
-- Bear Grylls

Sorry about the lack of posting these days! I started my new job and work, and it has its ups and downs, one of them being I'm on my feet and moving all day long. Now this is a downside because I don't get to catch up on everyone's blogs, talk to the boyfriend online as much, and post my own blog posts, but the good part is, instead of a desk job, I'm on my feet, and I have a very good feeling this will be good for weight loss, and even better for maintaining!

That being said, I've had a great OP week. I have been trying to eat a bit more being I'm moving so much, but trying to add a few more veggies here and there, or what not, not junk. The scale so far is showing good things, and hopefully I will be having a good weigh in come Friday morning. I've been doing pretty well not eating past 8, although most nights, it seems to be I'm done before 9, but with my busy schedule, I don't even get sat down to eat until 730 or 8!

I've been doing well with my running and my crunches/pushups too. I've gotten 3 runs in this week, and two rounds of pushups and situps, which is great. I'm SLOWLY building back up the miles I'm running in hopes of not getting sick again. So far, so good.

Other than that, nothing much new on this front, I'm reading your blogs, and trying to comment when I can! I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy!

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