Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Aim at the sun and you may not reach it; but your arrow will fly far
higher than if you had aimed at an object on a level with yourself."
-- F. Hawes

Well, while today hasn't been the best OP day, it has been a victory of sorts.

This morning, things got the best of me, and my one bite of chocolate cake, turned into, what I have listed on my tracker as a "cake catastrophe". Well normally, when I get off track like that, the day is in the toilet, and I say, well, I'll start again tomorrow, but today I didn't do that!

I counted the cake catastrophe at 10 points, which left me like 6 points for the day, which wouldn't have been bad had I not eaten some 7 points of candy, it's amazing how like 3 pieces of fun size candy can be 7 points..I mean seriously? But I counted that too. So I ate that stuff, and I had a small lunch of my sandwich and a cheese stick, and then I had a snack this afternoon of chopped bell peppers and carrots. And tonight, I might have a small amount of protein and some veggies, but thats it. Something small. So today, while it could have been really bad, ended the week with me still having over 25 weekly points left, and activity points. Did I underestimate today? You know maybe a little bit, but I think it was on par, or pretty close.

So what does this give me? My first week of being OP, and hopefully a loss tomorrow! But I'll be reporting that for sure!

Plus, I got in 4 runs, and three rounds of pushups and crunches! So not a bad week!

I do have kinda a good way at looking at my new job also, I'm gonna be on my feet and running around alot, as opposed to sitting on my butt all day, so that should help a little more with taking the weight off, and keeping it off!

Anyways, I'm off grocery shopping tonight, and then I'm gonna have something small to eat and relax, but I hope everyone has great nights, and I'll be reporting in with hopefully a loss in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Great job not letting the "cake catastrophe" derail you! That's what really counts - is getting right back on track. I had a "brownie catastrophe" today, so I definitely feel your pain. The worst part is just how mad I am at myself.

Law student said...

Good for you for not letting the cake get you off track! Good luck at your WI tomorrow! :)

TB--Milwaukee said...

It's so easy to let one bad choice ruin the day. WTG on not letting it get the best of you.

The cake wouldn't have gotten me, it would've been the candy!!