Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything: "I will try" has
accomplished wonders."
-- George P. Burnham

Wow, mark it on the calendar, two days in a row, I’m gonna write a post, like a real post.

So I’ve been back on plan since Sunday, Sunday went off fine, without a hitch. I got all of my 8GHG’s, Ran 4 miles, It was a great day.

Yesterday actually went off without a hitch too, although I did have an incident with some ice cream. Let me tell you how it went down. I get home from work, Run my 2 miles (which was great mind you!), and then head up to the grocery store to grab a few things I need to whip up two cakes for one of my brothers birthday on Wednesday. So I run up there, and I cruise through the ice cream section. Mind you, as of recently, I haven’t even been keeping ice cream in the house. I haven’t really been craving it (who can when it’s 30 below outside), and if its there, usually it just calls my name, so I just haven’t been buying it! One of the joys of living by yourself!

So I pick up a Breyers Fat Free Vanilla ice cream and head to checkout and go home with my new little treat. Now mind you, be the time I get home I’m starving, haven’t eaten since a snack at 3, and I’ve ran 3 miles, you get the point, I’m hungry. So, how these things always start, I go, Oh, I will just open the carton and try a spoonful (it’s what I’m craving afterall!), yah, well that spoonful, it turned out of be a lot of spoonfuls. Needless to say, I did stop myself, but not before I used up quite a few points.

So I sat down and figured out how much I ate, and counted the points, and needless to say, I still had a few left. Unfortunately that meant skipping the dinner I was making (and smelled oh so good!), but I was still able to get my last dairy in, my last oil in and had a toasted English muffin with some preserves and that was enough to satisfy me and keep me full….plus I stayed within my points.

So I was so happy, because after the ice cream incident I could have easily given up for the day, continued to eat (the yummy dinner would have been easy to overeat!). But instead I sat down and figured out what I ate, and tracked it. NSV for sure!

So it feels good being back in control. And I seriously love the way I feel when I’m eating good stuff, and not overeating, I just wish I could remember how bad I feel overeating and eating crap so it would stop me from putting it in my mouth to begin with! But one day at a time right?

Weigh in will be on Friday, like it or not! And yes, I’m back to weekly weigh ins until I banish these few pounds, I’m expecting I have about 8 or 9 lbs to lose to get to 138, but we’ll see. I might be up because of TOM, but not sure there either, since it’s been so long since I’ve done weekly weigh ins!

Anyways, today it totally gorgeous around this neck of the woods, suppose to be almost 60, and sunny too! Unfortunately, I have a run scheduled for today, but I’m exhausted, and feeling cranky, which for me is a good sign of being wore out, soooooo, in effort to prevent my never ending sickness from coming back; I’m begrudgingly taking the evening off….Bah Humbug!

Anyways, should probably get back to work. Have a healthy and happy day bloggers!


{Erica Young} said...

Impressive, 2 days in a row. You go girl! Glad things are getting back on track for you. I've been weighing myself in weekly but haven't been paying attention to what I've been eating and of course I'm gaining. I've been thinking about doing WW again but I like to attend meetings, it kind of gives me that push plus someone weighing me in and holding me accountable. If I can't do it on my own by March 1st I'm going to sign up. Today is going to be wonderful outside, I plan on walking on lunch actually in a couple minutes.

{Erica Young} said...

by the way on your little weight loss bar on the side of the screen it says 1/4/06??

Andrew is getting fit said...

You're stronger than me. I would have still ate my dinner!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Sometimes I think the ff stuff gives me license to eat more..Could be all the artificial stuff that causes more cravings too...or just being hungry.

Rebecca said...

seriously..if we could just bottle that feeling of being stuffed to the gills.. we just might make a fortune!

MizFit said...

it took me AGES to finally get the 'oh yes Im heading down the path toward crap overload and Ill feel HORRIBLE TOMORROW.I.Better.Stop.'
and I still slip up :)

youre on your way there.

as all is IT is layering day upon day upon day.

Rebecca said...

oh my gosh...i was so complaining because i had just done myhair and the last thing i wanted to was get it frizzy but then i thought it could be snow!!