Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"They are able, because they think they are able"

Sorry I have been MIA all week! I wish I could blame it on something good, but I can't! I've been busy at work, and I've joined the extremely addictive world of online fantasy baseball (yes, I am one of those people).

But things have been going good. I appreciate all the great comments about Weigh in on Sunday, I was bummed, but I sort of expected a gain was coming so that made it a little easier to stomach. Although I wasn't expecting that much, as I wasn't off plan or anything like that.

This week I do feel "skinnier", so I will be looking forward to weigh in. Usually I check my weight mid week, but I opted not to this week.

I have been doing good on Activity. Sunday I got to the gym, and I walked the dog for about an hour, Monday I went for about a 45 minute intense Bike Ride, and Walked Duke for about 25 minutes. Yesterday I actually took a night off from everything, and had a date with the couch. I had stayed up the night before watching the Red Wings go into triple overtime (and lose!) til about 1a, so I was miserably tired.

Tonight I plan to hit the gym, and then if the weather holds out walk Duke. Tomorrow night a Bike Ride.

Eating has been good. I'm getting my 8GHG's, and staying OP. I've been trying to eat some activity points on the days I earn them. I'm earning about 6 on the nights I earn them, and I'm eating 2. So Still not eating all of them, we'll see the results of my little experiment Sunday I suppose.

Other than that, nothing to terribly exciting, Go WINGS!

I'm being bad about commenting on other blogs right now, But I'm going to get to it right now!

Oh....and NSV= Non-Scale Victory!

Till next time, stay OP!


Kathy said...

I could not be happier! This has been a long and exciting 5 months! Now on to November and more history making!!!

jodi said...

!! GO PENGUINS !! ;-)

Erica Young said...

Just wanted to say-Congrats to the Detroit Red Wings!

Caroline said...

I'm sending you skinny vibes this morning. Good luck!!