Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"If we did the things we were capable of,
we would astonish ourselves"
-Thomas Edison

I love this quote! I think we all surprise ourselves sometimes. I know with me, I do. The time that I think I can't go one minute longer on the treadmill, but need to up my time, when I do, it amazes me that I handled it fine. I think if we all push ourselves, really push ourselves everyday, we will continue to surprise ourselves and meet our goals!

Nothing terribly new and exciting around here. We've actually been very busy at work, which is a great thing! Doesn't leave me so much time to post, but it does mean that I will continue to have a job, and that's kinda important right?

The exercise has been going good. I guess I never realize how much work earning 25 activity points a week was, whew! I get whooped. I can really feel it in my legs lately with all the biking I've been doing. They just feel wore out. But I'm not doing lazy bike rides I'm out there going between 12-15mph, for 30+ minutes at a time, so I'm busting it. In an effort to keep myself from burn out, I've been trying to do more exercise on the days I'm doing it (ex, longer bike rides), and taking a day or two off during the week where I do nothing (hence the reason I am here posting tonight!). It seems to be working.

I also think it's helping to eat some activity points, I've been losing ok while eating them, so I don't think I'm going to stop!

Eating has been good this week, I've been getting all my 8GHG's in, and staying within my points. I have been a bit munchie, but I've been making sure that I'm munching stuff like carrots and the like, so I'm handling it.

Other than that, nothing new! I hope everyone is having great weeks, and I'm out there reading blogs, even if I'm not commenting!


MizFit said...

I know that quote is so true. and yet, at times, it can be really HARDHARD to do what we (ok I) am capable of.


TB--Milwaukee said...

Astonishing! Can't believe I've done some of the things I've done, just takes courage.

Steph said...

You go girl! Do you belong to a gym that has group exercise?? If so, you should take a spin class - you would love it! And it's a great way to earn 6 or 7 AP's in an hour.

Keep it up......you have so much discipline....wish I could find mine again??


Erica Young said...

It's going to take me a while to get used to riding the bike but I hope I can stay motivated and ride it. I need to get rid of some leftover "fat" on my thighs and legs. LOL!