Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Too many people overvalue what they are not
and undervalue what they are."
-- Malcolm Forbes

Happy Thursday Everyone.

I just realized it's been a long time since I posted last. Wow! I guess I've been pretty busy, so let me recap on things that have been happening, both weight loss/eating related and not.

Well lets see, I finished off Monday as a relaxing day. I did go over to my parents and we had a great summertime mean of bacon tomato sandwiches and sweet corn yum! I think overall the meal was a success, although I did eat some powdered donut holes (what the heck?) and I picked a little too much at the apple crisp I made for my dad. But on the other hand, I passed on having bacon on my sandwiches, and I bought my own bread over, instead of eating the high calorie oversized stuff they had. And I stopped eating the apple crisp before it got bad. Then I went home, and I didn't eat the rest of the day, so you know what? The day ended up being not too shabby.

Eating the rest of the week has been fine.

As far as exercise goes, I'm still running. I've gotten in 3 of my 4 runs this week, with my 4th planned for tonight. My 3rd run was even in the rain. I actually kinda liked it...I know I'm insane.

In as vague of terms as possible, things with Tech are going good. I had gotten the feeling he wasn't interested anymore as of late last week, but finally just asked him yesterday night and turns out there was something bothering him, but we talked about, and things are back to being good.

Today would've been 4 years with the ex. Of course he had to send me an email to remind me. Thanks...I remembered.

I've found a new person who makes me proud to be a woman in S-arah Pal!n, I don't want to type her name, because I don't want my blog getting 400,000 hits because her name is on it. This isn't a political blog, and I don't impart my political views on people, but seriously, I love her. And yes, I despised Hellary Cl!nton.

As far as what my weekend holds, I'm not really sure yet. Tonight I plan to get in a 2.5 mile run, and then make some tuna dish for dinner, yum! Then one night this weekend I'm seeing Tech, although he wasn't sure which night was free yet, but I'm totally excited about it, since we got what was bothering him out of the way, it should be a great time. Then Sunday I have a 7 mile long run planned, it will be the longest I've ever run, I'm excited about it, but nervous also!

Anyways, you guys have great rest of the weeks, and great weekends, and I'll be catching up soon!


new*me said...

I like her too. This will be such a historical election. You have a great week too!

Jessica said...

Ha you're not insane, I like to run in the rain as well. This election just took a whole other historical turn this week. Things have changed again, and I just hope that as many people as possible realize they need to be voting!

Good work on getting your runs in :) Jessica

Carolyn said...

You didn't do bad at the meal at all! a little dessert every now and again is a good thing! Plus with all the running you've been doing, you'll work off those little nibbles in NO time!

Have a GREAT weekend!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I'm not much into politics, but have definitely learned much in the last two weeks watching the conventions.

Melanie said...

Great job planning your runs and sticking to them. Mine flew out the window when school started. I did get a walk in but that was it. Keep it up!