Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Babe Ruth hit more home runs than anyone; he also struck out more
often than anyone."
- Anonymous

Just a quick little Tuesday check in!

Things are going good here. I'm still fighting a cold/bad allergies (which I really think is a cold that was caused by bad allergies, but not sure!), but still doing well.

As far as exercise goes, I took Monday off from running, as I typically do after a long run, and today I plan to do a short 2.5 miles. I have 2 more runs schedules for the other days this week, and plan to get those in hopefully Wednesday and Friday, although the days might change.

Eating has been going ok. Sunday I decided I needed a scheduled day, and a day to put portions back in check, so I weighed things and sort of counted points. Upon weighing things, I found I'm still doing good keeping my portions in check, which is great! Yesterday I got home from work, and I was ravenous, I think it probably was the result of not eating enough on sunday after the long run. So I ate alot. BUT, I kept it in check, and I wrote down what I ate, and by the end of the day, it was still a successful day. Today eating has been fine. Tonight I'm meeting Tech for dinner at a steakhouse, and I've already looked at the menu and decided on a 6 ounce sirloin with a side of steamed broccoli and brown rice. Very calorie friendly, especially if I don't eat all the rice (which normally I don't like rice at restaurants, so I don't eat it anyways), and just eat 1/2 or 3/4 of the steak.

Weight wise, I think I'm doing ok. It's really hard to tell, because I'm trying to avoid stepping on the scale. Last time I checked, i was up a hair. But I'm not really going to get upset about it. I know that 95% of the time I'm eating properly, and I'm exercising enough, so as long as I'm doing the right thing, and my clothes are fitting, I need not be concerned with the number on the scale. I'm trying to grasp this concept.

Speaking of clothes fitting. My size 8's I bought as my goal weight present to myself are falling off of me. In fact, I'm down a loop on my belt So even if the scale shows a bit up, I'm thinking maybe it's muscle from running?

As far as my books I posted about last weekend, I'm reading intuitive eating right now. I really really like this approach. It makes many very valid points, and I will touch on them all when I'm done reading it in my review. But if your looking for good reading, and are looking to get past the "diet mentality", you might want to check it out.

Things with Tech, I really don't know about. I'm very on the fence about him. I'm beginning to think he's in it for the "thrill of the chase" not a relationship, which isn't what I'm after. But we'll see how it works out. I'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch. Regardless, we're going out tonight.

Anyways, I hope everyone is happy, healthy and staying on track, and I'll catch up soon!


Carolyn said...

Ohhh I had my hopes up with Tech. Damn boys and their chasing. Happens all the time. Well you never know, keep an open mind, he might just come right out and surprise you!

Congrats on keeping in line with your maitainence. You are completely rocking it!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Hope the cold gets better soon!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

So how did it go with Tech the other night ... falling off the fence one way or another yet?