Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Courage is the greatest of all the virtues. Because if you haven't
courage, you may not have an opportunity to use any of the others."
-- Samuel Johnson

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I hope your having great and on-plan weekends.

I wanted to pop in real quick to tell you guys about my run this morning. It was my longest run yet, 7.5 miles! I've been fighting a cold the last couple days too, so even getting out at all was a bit of an accomplishment. But I finished 7.5 miles, and it was at an average pace that was less than my 7 miler before, quite an accomplishment.

Eating has been good this weekend. I've started doing a few new things that seem to be working well for "portion control".

First, on ice cream, I bought a bunch of these 1/2 cup glad ware containers, and as I buy ice cream, when I bring it home from the store, I put it in individual 1/2 cup containers. Keeps me from eating out of the container and controls portions, it works wonders.

On the same front, I've been doing it with pretzels, wheat thins and things like that too. I just put them in individual snack baggies.

I think it helps a lot, I am one of those people who mindless grabs a handful here and there, and this prevents that.

Other than that, nothing to new and exciting around here. Just fighting this cold and trying to rest up!

Hope everyone is doing good!


Kathy said...

I use the same trick with ice cream and also keep the old fashioned ice cream cones that are only about 15 calories and hold a half cup portion almost perfectly. I always tell myself that I can go back and get a second one if I'm still wanting more when the first is finished, but I never do...too much trouble!!!

You are becoming quite the runner! I see you in Boston one of these days! Wave as you pass the camera if you do! lol

Erica said...

Wow what a run! Good for you and keeping up with it. That's a great idea about the containers, I should steal that idea too. I too like to grab a handful walk away and when I'm done I like to go back and grab another handful. I'm so bad! Hope you have a great week!

TB--Milwaukee said...

I am to lazy to portion stuff out. I would much rather pay a little extra for prepackaged already portioned products. Horrible I know.

SuperDave said...

Great run! You long runs seem to be advancing well..

Crystal said...

Hi there! I like your idea of putting icecream into individual containers. I am bad with portions when it comes to anything, esp. sweets so this might be a great way to go.