Monday, November 29, 2010

Week # 2!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

I had a great one myself, We had dinner at my Mom’s house, and eventually trekked on over to the in laws house for a second dinner. But I did so good on my eating. In previous years, when I was on WW’s, I would often have a free for all when it came to food for the holidays, I ate everything that wasn’t tied down, and enjoyed every bite.

I don’t really know why this year was different. Maybe it was that we were busy and running, or maybe it’s cause I just started WW’s again seriously and didn’t want to get sidetracked that much, but whatever it was it sure helped. I went into the day with a very laid back attitude, if I wanted it, I was going to eat it, afterall it was Thanksgiving and it was once a year. But I also went into the day with a “don’t overstuff yourself” attitude, and that’s exactly what I did. In fact, yesterday mid day I even weighed myself and I was showing down just under a pound from my Wednesday Weigh In, so maybe a nice loss this week will be my reward for a well played Thanksgiving.

DH has also been doing WW’s, and needless to say, Thanksgiving wasn’t so hot for him. But lets back up. His cholesterol is a bit high, and he is a bit overweight (by about 5 to 10lbs) so after a recent trip to the doctors, I convinced him if he just lost 15 pounds his cholesterol would go down and he would feel better, so he agreed to do WW’s with me. Well it came time for him first weigh in, and he told me he would laugh when he didn’t lose anything, since he had been on plan all week. Well come to weigh in, and in less then a week he lost almost 4 pounds! Go DH! Well, he weighed yesterday, and he was back up about 6 pounds, so today he is back on the boat. We actually got him a subscription to WW’s online, since it changed so drastically as of today.

So about the new plan, what is everyones feelings on it? Seems like most people on the Message Boards either love it or hate it at this point in time, and there are a ton of posts about how peoples favorite low point treats have went *gasp* up in points.

Here’s my thoughts. WW’s is FINALLY trying to get the processed overly carb-loaded food out of our diets, and they are FINALLY trying to get people to eat more fruits and veggies by making them no points. Sure our Fiber.One Bars or Giant.Fudge Bars are now respectively higher in points, as are the Hostess.100 calorie packs, but who needs that stuff? And on top of that, it may be more points, but that Banana is now FREE! And you get more points! And more Weekly Points, so where really is there something to complain about? There isn’t, WW’s spends millions on research, and their goal is to make us lose weight, so don’t you think they would continue to want people to do that? If people stop losing weight they are going to stop making money! Plus, many of us who have been on weight loss programs before have cleaned up our eating already, and now WW’s is just reinforcing that was the right decision.

So my overall verdict, calm down, it’s a change….but change is good!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day, I’ll be back around later in the week!

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