Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Wrap

My Short and Sweet November Wrap-up, bullet point style.

• I’m working hard to stay on plan, prior to them switching the plan, I was doing fantastic. For some reason the new plan is throwing me through a loop, I don’t know if I see all those points and get giddy or what!
• We will see what my weight loss on Saturday brings to give a final, I lost X pounds in November, but I’m thinking I will have made my November goal of ending up at 162 pounds, which is a 2 pound loss in two weeks, with Thanksgiving thrown in there, not to shabby, a pound a week, I will take it.
• Running, I’ve been doing good running, and since I restarted, I haven’t missed a run. However I’m dealing with a little bit of bronchitis (which I have meds for!), so I will be taking tonight off, I will just make up the run another night this week in order to give my body some rest.

Other than that nothing terribly new. I’m just trying to adjust to the new plan, as I said for some reason I’m having a hard time, it’s like I see all those points (and I’m aware there aren’t really more points, it just seems that way!), but I just go nuts, so I’m trying to be gentle and remind myself, sometimes change can take a few days to get the hang of.

Tomorrow, December goals!

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