Friday, November 19, 2010

Day #5- Week #1

Well I am at the start of Day #5 of being back on Weight Watchers, and really I’ve been doing quite well. This morning I did have some candy I shouldn’t have had, but That’s what Flex Points are for right?

In my previous weight loss stint, I didn’t use Flex Points, I guess I figured if I didn’t use them, or activity points, I would lose quicker. I don’t know that is necessarily true now that I think back on it. Of course I don’t have any proof.
My first weight loss journey that time took me a LONG time, in fact it took 19 months to lose 27 pounds. Now there was stints where I wasn’t following, wasn’t trying, ect. But on average that is 1.7lbs per month, now when I was actually losing weight, I was losing at a rate of about 1.2 pounds per week.

But I often look at the Flex Points now and think, would I have adhered to the plan better if I spent those points? Would I have not had bad days, where I felt like I ate everything I wasn’t suppose to if I used those points? Would I actually have lost weight faster, or maybe more consistently over time?

I often wonder about these things. As hard as it is for me, I’m going to try to use them. It’s sad, whenever I go beyond my “22 points” per day limit (even if I have all 35 flexies left), I feel like I’ve somehow cheated, and I’m not OP anymore! So I’m trying to get into this mindset, I’m going to try to use most, if not all of my Flex Points and see where that takes me. Maybe I will lose, Maybe I won’t, but I can always readjust, and what really is the race to the finish? It’s a life long journey anyways.

On that note, I’ve been doing pretty good. I have stayed OP for four whole days, and besides the Reese Peanut Butter cup/Flex Point debacle earlier, I think today will be OP also. It’s so hard to get back into the swing of things when I’ve been out of the game for so long.

Also, my running has been going good. I’ve done 3 of my 4 runs this week, with the 4th one being tonight. I’m slow, and I’m out of shape, but I will get there. I’m excited to be running again, and I’m already getting the “disease” where I feel guilty if I don’t run, and want to run on days I have scheduled aside for rest. That’s a good thing though!

Tonight I am making Turkey and Cheese Enchiladas for dinner and praying that the hubby likes. He really could spare about 10-15lbs, so I’m hoping to be able to get him on board with the Weight Watchers mentality. Even if he’s not counting points, just getting him into the mindset of eating healthier and watching his portions would help immensely I’m sure.

No real plans here for the weekend, mainly just getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, shopping so I can avoid the stores come Tuesday or Wednesday when they are nuts.

Have a great weekend!


TB--Milwaukee said...

Don't get too used to 22 points, it will change! I never wanted to use my flex points either, but usually ended up using them. Keeps you more honest in the long run I suppose.

Kathy said...

I think we learn from each experience and to actually be flexible about our eating is one thing we probably need to learn. You are probably like me and a lot of others and believe we have to be PERFECT! All or nothing! It tends to bite us in the butt but that's the way we are wired and it is really hard to change that mindset. Skinny Guy said one time that we should follow the program "as written" and that really hit home for me because I was always trying to rewrite the program to suit me! And, yes, I do think I'm that smart! lol
It must be a lot different this time having to take into account the likes and dislikes of a husband! You could pretty much do your own thing back then. Hope he enjoys the enchiladas!

Kim said...

Hey Kate!!! So glad to see you back. :) Congratulations on your marriage - you are a beautiful bride.

Best of luck with WW. YOU CAN DO IT!!