Monday, March 29, 2010

Day # 4

Well, Day #4 didn't go so well, but instead of dwelling on it, and letting it get to me, I'm going to tell you exactly how awesome I was all weekend.

Friday, Jason had stopped on his way out to my house to get McDonalds and asked if I wanted anything. I said nope, no thanks! And not only did I not have any, I also ran friday evening, and stayed within my points.

Saturday we had a good morning, and a busy afternoon, which ended in dinner and a comedy club with some friends. Well dinner was at an AWESOME local Italian restaurant, where I managed to avoid the bread basket, cheesy cream sauces and desserts which were on the table. Instead I had half of my serving on Linguine marinara and a bit of the free tiramisu the host gave use for me finding an eyelash in my salad. But another day, spent within my points allowance.

Sunday was also good. I got up, and even though it was starting to rain, I headed out on my run, and got 5 miles in. The rain has picked up while I was out, and I managed to get pretty soaked, but believe it or not, I love running in the rain. The rest of the day was spent within my points allowance.

Then today happened and that damn candy bowl got to me again. But instead of focusing on that, I'm just gonna to say I had a great and OP weekend! And I'm going to try to remember tomorrow when that candy bowl is calling my name, just how crappy it made me physically feel today. My body does NOT enjoy processing that junk!

Anyways, tonight we have a meeting with the priest to do a "pre-marriage inventory" whatever that is,and on the way we are gonna stop at a stir fry place, where I know I can eat healthy. No running tonight, but will be back at it tomorrow, wednesday and thursday!

I hope everyone is having healthy and OP days, I'll be joining you back on the healthy side, starting now.

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