Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day #1

Well here I am, Day #1 of being back on track. Has it been perfect? No! But has it been manageable, most definitely! I knew going into today that it would probably be a bad day to start back on Weight Watchers. Why you ask? Well I bought tickets awhile ago to the Tigers Game for this evening. And they aren't use Tigers Tickets, they are REALLY awesome Tigers Tickets that include box seats and use of a Clubhouse there on site, where, one of the highlights is that they have a full dinner and dessert buffet which of course is free. So I knew today would be hard, but I also paid really good money for them, so while I'm not going only eat lettuce, I'm also not going to overeat. I will go, have a good time, enjoy a small portion of the food I want, and be back on track the minute I leave.

But today started off great, I had a good breakfast of some Kashi Go Lean, Fiber One and cup of Milk. Then I had a Cottage cheese for a snack, a sandwich and some yogurt for lunch, and just had some cucumbers and carrots for a snack. Now I'm gonna be heading to the game in a few, hopefully the Tigers can pull it off, and the White Sox can beat the Twins for us!

Go Tigers!


Fatinah said...

I'm so glad you're back posting!!!
Sounds like you're off to a great start.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Good to see you back around. I might as well start cheering for the Tigers as the Brewers are all but done. Good thing Packer season is right around the corner.

Things are getting back to "normal" on this end too. Kids going back to school will make for a much easier time of it as no one is around to say, "I'm hungry, what's there to eat?"