Friday, December 12, 2008

" You see things and say, 'Why?", but I dream things and say, 'Why not?"
~George Bernard Shaw

Wow, mark it on the calender, twice in one week, it's hard to believe.

Just a short little update. I was doing real well this week, sticking to plan, running and all that good stuff, and then Wednesday I came down with being real sick (somewhere to the tune of about 103* fever), so yesterday I was laid up all day, and today, while I'm at work and I feel a bit better, I'm still fighting it. And I'll admit, I'm not the best about staying on plan when I'm sick. Yesterday the only thing that tasted good was sherbet on my sore throat or hostess 100 calorie packs (who knows why!). But I figure first priority should be getting better, then we'll be back to the grind of weight watchers.

Anyone else ready for the holiday season to be over with? I love the holidays, and I love the time spent with family, but I'm really ready for all the treats to disappear, and for my normal schedule to return.

Even being sick this week I managed to get in 12 miles...not too bad, this winter my goal has been 15-20 miles a week, so 12 isn't bad being my week was cut short.

Speaking of Hostess 100-calorie packs, I'm a little late on these I'm sure, but they have strawberry ones now! They are great, picked some up when I was shopping last night, yum! A good treat once in awhile!

Nothing terribly exciting planned for the weekend here, probably just recovering a bit from this cold so I can get back to normal running and eating schedule!

Oh and I did weigh in this morning at 142.2lbs, so still at maintenance weight, I'm happy with that!

Alright until next time, take care everyone. Happy Holidays!


MizFit said...

*waves hand*


can we just declare it so?

at least for our blogs and schedules?

let me know :)

Melanie said...

I totally now how a cold can derail you. I've been blessed with bronchitis and then pneumonia and then more coughing for 6 weeks now. Doc won't let me exercise. Way to keep running though!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Aah yes. No more holiday food!

Fatinah said...

get better soon!

Carolyn said...

You are totally rocking this maintenance thing! That's awesome. I'm the exact same with running, some weeks I can't get enough and other weeks I could care less if I get 1 mile in. It just comes and goes...