Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's going to be a good day

So I've decided it's definitely going to be a good day. Today is the day I get my groove back.

That's all for now, actual post to follow.


Caroline said...

Hi Kate! I've thought about you a lot recently. I am in the same boat as you, only with a lot more weight to lose. I'm pretty much at my highest weight ever, and I am SO frustrated. I'm getting ready to start the journey again, working now on making my small goals of eating healthy and making good choices. I think I'm going to start posting again soon. Good to see you, and kick ass today!

Erica Young said...

Hey Kate...I'm still here and missed you. The new WW plan is hard to follow and I too have gone back to the old way but been to lazy to do anything. I weight about the same as you and would like to be down to 135 I was hoping by November by my 30th birthday! You can do it!

Kim said...

Hey Kate!
I'm glad to see you back. :) I know gaining weight back is frustrating and annoying, believe me. :( The important thing is that you're not giving up on yourself. The weight will come back off. And you know how to do it. :)

You CAN do it!!

bluetamarai said...

Good for you, jumping back in! I just found your blog via some old comments on Sheryl Yvette's blog. I know you can do it this time, once and for all!

Carolyn said...

So did you get your groove back?? Hope so! I know you can do this!!

Aaron Grey said...

Hi, can I contact you through your email? I've something to share that might interest you.


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